My Top Ten Favorite Posts On ‘When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind’

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Sometimes, I like to look back at my old posts just to see how my writing style has change during my time on this blog. And when I read my old stuff, a couple things usually cross my mind.

“Wow, this is terrible.”

“Did I write this?”

“Is that another spelling error?”

“Where the hell are the pictures?!”

But every once and a while, I look back at an old post and don’t immediately cringe. Heck, sometimes I find myself enjoying the words I have written as if I were reading the work of someone more talented than I. This feeling pleases me. So here is a comprehensive list of my Top 10 Favorite Posts On When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind. If you have just stumbled across this site and like what you see but aren’t sure where to start, these are the posts I recommend reading first.

Hope this doesn’t come off as conceited or something.

10. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #1: Jurassic Park

Let’s start off the list by talking about my very first review on this site, and as far as first attempts go, it really isn’t all that bad. In fact, I’m actually quite proud of it. I was really afraid that my older posts would suffer from a case of ‘early installment weirdness’, but thankfully that isn’t the case. It’s a really good introduction to the kind of stuff this blog is about, and it reads and flows surprisingly well. I’m actually impressed in how informative the review turned out despite it’s somewhat short length, even though a lot of what I said can be found on similar posts throughout the web. But really, it was only the beginning of things that were to come.

On a side not, this post also marks the first appearance of Philosoraptor!

This was before the plastic surgery.

9. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #16: The Art of Charles R Knight

Strangely, this post has more likes and views than any of my other posts, probably because my website is one of the first to pop up when you type in the name Charles R Knight. But strangely, it has no comments. Interesting….

I wrote this post in response to the all the negative things I have written in the blog before about what I would call Knightian depictions of dinosaurs. Yes, they are inaccurate by today’s standards, and people today really should know better, but I didn’t want to give off the impression I was hating on the guy. On the contrary, Charles Knight is one of my favorite paleo-artists, and his skill with a paintbrush is unmatched even today. So that review was my little love letter to the guy.

8. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #14: The Lost World

Yep, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I talked about the first big dinosaur anything in popular culture, and I’m glad I got this one out of the way early. Sure, I knew I would be treading similar ground when I reviewed the art of Charles Knight only a couple posts later, but I feel like I made them distinct enough to work. I wanted to write this review to show that even though the designs for the dinosaurs would now be considered inaccurate, that didn’t mean I hated them all together. I wanted to show my appreciation for what this film accomplished. And in reality, for the time these dinosaurs couldn’t have been better.

7. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #10: Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

I remember this post being one of the first ones to get a lot of views, and really it was the first sign that people actually started to care about what I wrote. It was a pretty cool feeling, I must admit.

This review did present a couple of unique challenges as I wrote it. It was the longest one at the time, and in it I talked about more dinosaurs than I did before. I also had to review dinosaur from the Jurassic Park movies, which I had already went over at that point, as well as completely new dinosaurs. It was a challenge to write for only my tenth post, but I’m satisfied with how it turned out.

6. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #47: Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular

I remember having a lot of fun writing this one. By this point I have written about movies and cartoons and stuff like that, but nothing like a live show. Thankfully, this particular show gave me a lot to talk about, and I find the post infinitely more entertaining and informative than my Walking With Dinosaurs mini series review (I’m not very fond of my work on that one). But personally, I just really like the visual aesthetic of this particular post. It doesn’t look jumbled or cluttered; it’s nice, clean, and professional looking.

5. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #41: The Magic School Bus: The Busasaurus

This post as well was just a lot of fun to write. Not only did I love writing about one of my personal favorite childhood cartoons, I also like how small yet intimate this post feels. It’s not big and expansive like some of my other reviews, but still has just the right amount of personality. Heck, I actually feel this is one of my funniest reviews yet, probably because there are just so many easy jokes you can make about the ridiculousness of this show.

4. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #60: 10,000 BC

I’m actually really surprised in how much I like this particular review. Once again, it’s short and to the point, but the writing is just so full of personality. Not only did this movie give me a chance to talk about creatures other than dinosaurs, but it also gave me a chance to vent my frustrations with one of the strangest strangest and most ridiculous movies I have ever seen. Mammoths being used to build pyramids, my god.

3. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #56: You Are Umasou

This is one of the longest and most detailed reviews I have ever written, but I think it turned out fantastic. In this post I didn’t review the accuracy of the dinosaurs, but instead reviewed the film itself, which I had only done a few times before. But I didn’t want to complain about the cartoony proportions the dinosaurs in this movie had, that may have given off the wrong idea. I wanted to talk about how much I loved this movie, despite the fact that I don’t watch anime. And to this day, I whole heartily recommend this movie.

2. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #44: Jurassic Park (Novel)

When I started this blog, I knew I eventually wanted to talk about the original Jurassic Park novel, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it. It had been so long since I’ve read the book through, and I like whatever I’m reviewing to be fresh in my mind whenever I write about it. But then a miracle happened. My college library happened to carry the book, and in only a couple days I read the whole thing again. Immediately afterwards I began to work on the review. And I’m so glad I did.

1. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #25: Walking With Dinosaurs 3D

Who knew one of the worst movies I have ever seen would help create one of the bests reviews I have ever written. I just love the way this one turned out. My boiling hatred for this movie really shines through, yet I still make it clear whenever the movie does something right or something I like. Personally, I think this is probably the funniest review I have ever written, and whenever I read over it I tend to forget that it was actually me who wrote down the words. I feel like I’m reading the work of someone much more talented than me. And whenever my own writing can create that feeling, I know I’ve written something good.

This particular review has all those characters I used at that point as well, all wrapped up in this big and complicated plot that I’ve seem to have forgotten about. Something about the Time Traveling Cynodont and Mr. Conductor working together to sabotage my reviews, and Cynodont holding Mr. Conductor’s mother hostage.

You guys remember all that right?


It will be important later.

So, those are the best reviews I have ever written in my humble opinion. But what are your favorite reviews? Which ones made you laugh or think the most? Please feed my ego, I get antsy without positive feedback….

Soon I’ll be talking about the common cliche of dinosaurs roaring loudly and discover why the Time Traveling Cynodont wants me to talk about more dinosaur toys, but a couple of trailers have recently dropped that I feel warrant my attention….


3 thoughts on “My Top Ten Favorite Posts On ‘When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind’

  1. hahaha, good for you for actually liking some of the stuff you write. Every time I read something i’ve written myself, I cringe in agony at my terrible writing skills XD


  2. My personal favorite post of yours has to be the “Top Ten Best and Worst Dinosaur Documentaries” I just find it really useful, as well as entertaining. There were actually one or two docs on that list i had never heard of before, and i went out and watched all of them. That’s my favorite, but then again, I like all your posts.


  3. My favourite posts of yours are:

    1. The Land Before Time movie review. I really liked how you expressed your sincere feelings and love for that beautiful animated film, a memorable childhood movie of ours and many others’.
    2. Omae Umasou Da Na(Japanese: You look delicious) or “You Are Umasou” as you named it. Again, I liked how you expressed your thoughts as well as your fondness for this movie. I am not a big fan of Anime as well, but I also love this film. To me, this movie is funny and strange, yet adorable.
    3. Jurassic World review. The way you expressed your views on all the characters in that movie is very well done. And despite the fact that that movie still uses old-school style dinosaurs, it is a pretty decent movie.

    Here’s a food for your ego; you’re the best blog writer I’ve ever known. 😉 Also, you have a very good sense of humour.
    Best regards.


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