About ‘When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind’

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When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind is I blog I write to discuss how dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures are portrayed in popular media. I review dinosaur related movies, TV shows, cartoons, books, video games, basically anything I can find with prehistoric animals in it. I also look at artwork and show how our perception of dinosaurs have changed over the years. I’ll also discuss other random things about dinosaurs and scientific discoveries, but for all intents and purposes, this isn’t really a science blog. It’s an entertainment blog with a scientific leaning. I’m not a paleontologist, I don’t work in a museum, I’m just an every day dinosaur enthusiast. Dinosaur science is changing and moving forward at an alarming pace, so please be patient with me if not all the information I show is up to date or completely accurate. I wan’t to make sure my facts are correct, but the main focus of this blog is to share my love of dinosaurs with people.



12 thoughts on “About ‘When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind’

  1. Dear When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind, I wish I want you put We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story for When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind, it’s perfect. Because it makes me the best animated ever. Love Johnny Yankovich


    1. Dear When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind, I wish I want you put ”We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story” for When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind, it’s perfect. Because it makes me the best animated ever. Love Johnny Yankovich


    1. I don’t mind the anachronistic creatures, as they have created their own world completely separate from reality. The designs of the creatures are pretty out there though, but even that I don’t mind because supplementary material shows that the creatures aren’t exactly the same ones that lived before, which excuses some of the more outlandish designs. I like how creative they went designing the creatures, even if they aren’t strictly accurate.


      1. Thanks for your quick response! Which creatures are really strange, compared to what they’re derived from? I’m not too familiar with most dinosaurs; I’m actually learning a lot from your blog, & I really enjoy your posts! The only things I could think of is that the Utahraptors should have more feathers, & the Dilos are obviously derived from Jurassic Park, but that’s it.

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    2. Well, there are quite a few things. The Parasaurolophus’ and Triceratops have a lot of unnecessary spikes along their body, the Stegosaurus has multiple rows of plates, the sabretooth has a long tail as opposed to the short tail it had in real life (assuming it’s meant to be a Smilodon), the Titanoboa is given a frill. and the mammoths have tusks akin to those of the elephants in the Lord of the Rings movie. Like I said they’re all a bit exaggerated but I don’t mind. They’ve created their own unique world, and I don’t mind artistic liberties in such works. It’s when they do that kind of stuff when the work is supposed to be educational that bothers me.


  2. If you need any suggestions of what to do for December, there’s actually a little-known Dinosaur christmas special, appropriately named, “The Christmas Dinosaur.” It was made by PorchLight Studios and aired on Cartoon Network during December in 2003-2005 (it was also released on DVD in 2006). For December, it would be wonderful if you could review it. I will warn you that it’s nothing special; it a generic kids film with decent animation & a simple storyline but it does have nostalgic value to me. Watch the movie first, then decide if you want to review it or not. If yes, then I’m very glad you took my idea into consideration. If not, then I’ll respect your choice, whatever reason it may be.


  3. I really am A big fan of your blog! I was just wandering where I could get a complete list of dinosaur genus that’s up to date? I would really appreciate it!


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