The Good Dinosaur Official Trailer 2 Review

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The time is inching closer and closer to the release date of Pixar’s latest and luckily for this blog dinosaur themed film The Good Dinosaur, and in anticipation of that fact a second full length trailer has been released. Now, if you’ve read my reactions to the previous trailers, you know that I am excited for this movie, but not just because it has dinosaurs in it (although that’s certainly a contributing factor). I was completely enamored by Pixar’s earlier release Inside Out, as it proved to me that this company still had what it takes to make great and unique films in this ever crowded movie market. Whether or not this film is another win for the company is yet to be seen, but until then I await this film with great anticipation. Anyway, let’s get into the trailer.

The trailer begins similarly to how the others before did, with them showing that the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs never hit the earth in this reality. After that, we get some new footage as well as some actual dialogue! Yep, the last two trailers were silent for the most part, but this is the first time we get to hear many of the characters talk. This includes a new character introduced in this trailer, Arlo’s dad voiced by Jeffrey Wright.


In this scene we see how Arlo is separated from his family, in what looks like a huge storm of some kind. I will admit, although I am interested to see how this plays out, I’m starting to get quite a few Land Before Time vibes out of this. Arlo, once he is by himself, really reminds me of Littlefoot from the first movie, and I know I won’t be the only one making comparisons between the two. That was one of the risks when they decided to age Arlo down to a young kid (in case you forgot, Arlo was originally supposed to be much older before the whole film went through a major rewrite).

Man, they’re almost unrecognizable.

Whether the change works out in the end is yet to be seen. But until then, I hope Pixar is prepared for the Land Before Time comparisons people will be spewing out.

From there we see Arlo meeting Spot the human boy, much like in the first trailer. We see them embark in some cute antics, such as Spot defending Arlo from that creepy snake creature, which we do get a better look at…

Holy crap!

The boy growls at the Tetrapodophis (look it up), only to return to a calm and adorable panting, further reinforcing the idea that this human kid is supposed to be like a dog.

One scene that did give me a good laugh was the moment where Spot blows into a hole in the ground in order to push out a small gopher-like creature. When Arlo does the same, dozens of gophers fly out of their holes at once, and then slowly begin to attack Arlo. His slow yet dramatic realization was perfect comic timing in my opinion.

Immediately afterwards, we see Arlo fearful of another storm, this time with Spot present. Perhaps this will a a recurring theme in the film; Arlo will be deathly afraid of storms since that was the reason he got separated from his family, and as the film progresses he not only has to confront that fear but also all the other dangers the world around him harbors. Seems like a very Pixar-ian message, wouldn’t you agree?

To me, personally, the most interesting part of the trailer is when they introduce the Tyrannosaur characters, whom I think we all assumed to be somewhat antagonistic. But to my surprise, it looks like they’re going to be full fledged good guys! They seem to be cattle ranchers, who drives herds of those long horned buffalo around. And of course, being ranchers, they have thick Southwest American accents. Anna Paquin voices the daughter tyrannosaur, obviously channeling her performance as Rogue. The father is voiced by the king of gravely voiced Southern drawl actors Sam Elliot, and just from that casting I already have a good idea of what kind of character this T. rex is going to be. Sam seems to always be cast as the rough and tumble hard working guy with a tough exterior but once you get to know him he offers sound advice and common wisdom. This goes double if he’s playing an animated character….

If you guys remember this character, I’m sorry.

Still, I think it’s really interesting that they’re going against the ever present cliche of having the tyrannosaurs as bad guys in a dinosaur film for kids. Heck, most of the time the carnivores don’t even talk! Five year old me would have loved this!

By the look of the trailer, it seems like the tyrannosaurs for some reason or another need Arlo to help them protect their herd of bison from cattle wranglers, who in this universe seem to be….raptors?

And look, we even have feathers!

Barely, but we have feathers!

Hey, it’s more effort than Jurassic World gave!

Until raptors look like barely threatening chickens, it’s never enough.

Filmmakers will never get the memo, will they?

We also get a good look at the ceratopsian character we got a glimpse of in the last trailer, and instead of being the wise eccentric like I predicted him to be, it looks like he’s just going to be eccentric. He carries a variety of animals on his horns, and I have a theory that he believes they give him protection, which is why he’s so adamant about acquiring this strange human creature Arlo hangs around with. The ceratopsian makes a deal that if he names the boy he keeps it, and the two start spouting out random names until the kid finally responds to Spot….for some reason.

The last scene of the trailer shows Arlo reminiscing about his family, frustrated that Spot wouldn’t be able to understand, only for Spot to nuzzle up to him like an adorable little puppy. At this point, it seems like Spot won’t be able to talk or communicate with Arlo at all, and it will all be conveyed with facial expressions and body language. They truly are portraying him like an animal, which I think is an interesting choice but certainly the right one for this movie.

‘As for my overall thoughts on the trailer, this one didn’t floor me like the last one, but it didn’t discourage me from watching the movie either. I’m really quite excited to see this, and I really hope it turns out good. I have a feeling it’s not going to be the giant crowd pleaser that Inside Out was, but it’ll probably be one of those films that holds a special place in the hearts of those who did enjoy it (ala Ratatouille). Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see…

Trailer reviews aren’t over yet. Another interesting preview dropped only yesterday that I feel deserves my attention. Although the franchise hasn’t pulled me in before, this new installment doesn’t seem like a far cry from the things I look at here….


18 thoughts on “The Good Dinosaur Official Trailer 2 Review

  1. I think the scene that surprised me the most in the trailer was a split-second shot of the T. rex father clearly about to eat the antagonistic pterosaur Thunderclap.
    I was like “WOAH, goin’ a pretty bold route there, aren’t ya Pixar? O_O”
    But yeah, the movie looks like it’ll be awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That got me too, as well as the moment Butch (the Same Elliot T. rex as he is called) just snapped up those raptors. I have a feeling he’ll just spit them out in the actual movie as kind of a warning but it certainly got me thinking.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This is sort of late to the party, but having seen the movie, I can say that that’s a big part of the T. rex characters: They don’t eat other dinosaurs as a point of honour. They became cattle ranchers instead. So no, they don’t eat either Thunderclap or Bubbha. Really too bad on the former, since Thunderclap and company ARE a bold move for Pixar: They’re a genuine born-again evangelical Cargo Cult. (“The storm provides!”)

        They’re also very blunt predators – not quite on the level of You Are Umasou, but pretty close. You get to see the leader actually scarfing down something cute and fluffy on screen, then all-but-dismembering another one when he gets into a fight with his flock.

        I wouldn’t quite call them *villains*, but they’re definitely antagonists and a continual threat to Spot and Arlo. The T. rexes’ big entrance, in fact, is saving Arlo and Spot from the crazed pterosaurs.


    1. Hmm, from what I’ve seen Mesozoica looks pretty good as far as accuracy goes, or are you talking about Prehistoric Kingdom. Either way, they’re both better than Ark Survival, and even so I don’t blame Ark for it’s creative liberties.


  2. I think the ceratopsian character is sorta gonna be like the catwoman ( hue hue unnecessary reference ) from the simpsons. You know kind of insane. I mainly base this hypothesis on its appearance.
    On a different note i got you another offering in the form of a piece from a grand as the oceans ar wide soundtrack. I can get you more if you want.

    I found it on the back of a giant ocean-dwelling elder dragon. The things i have to do just to listen to some good music.


  3. This is just an guess after what I’ve seen from Trailers, TV Spots & Commercials for the movie. Do you think that the Pterosaurs & Raptors team up against Arlo, Spot & the Rexes? It would make somewhat sense, the Pterosaurs were hunting Arlo & Spot while the Raptors were hunting the Bison that the Rexes raise. With their combined forces they would be a somewhat formidable group to them.


    1. Nope, that’s been “Jossed” (as in, said to not be true by the creators). Thunderclap and his Cargo Cult fanatics/predators are EVERYONE’S antagonists. The raptors are depicted as a ragtag bunch of cattle rustlers, and neither make contact with the other during the film.


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