Major Changes….

Um guys, you still there?



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Well, this is unsettling.

  As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting all that much recently, and there are many contributing factors to that. Work, school, homework, the death of my dog, and just plain old writers block have all kept me from constantly posting like I used to. But actually, the greatest contributing factor to the reason this blog isn’t updating that much anymore is because I’ve been putting a lot of effort into my other blog, Ink & Paint Zoology. For the past few weeks, I’ve been clamoring to create a review for the animated film The Prince of Egypt for I&PZ, but everything from my job, college, and procrastination has kept me from finishing it. I’m not even halfway done! And it’s been like four weeks since I’ve put out anything substantial on either of my sites. And that’s when I realized something, Ink & Paint Zoology posts eat up so much of my writing time and energy. Each one is like a full on essay, and they just zap all my writing enthusiasm out.

  There were a couple of reasons I created that blog in the first place. First off, I wanted a place to post the book I’ve been writing, but thought that people would only see it if I reviewed more popular stuff on the side. But I also started it because I wanted a place to talk about animated films, cartoons, animals, and other stuff that interests me that I felt didn’t really have a place here. But lastly, I was kinda getting burned out talking about dinosaurs, and wanted something new to talk about so I wouldn’t loose interest on this blog. But writing posts for Ink & Paint is so time consuming. I can spend half a month writing a draft for a movie review there, and by then I’m just glad to be finished with the darn thing. It has gotten to the point that I really miss talking about dinosaur, since it feels like I barely do that anymore.

But the biggest problem I’m having with Ink & Paint isn’t the length of the posts (or the lack of views in return), but actually the fact that I don’t feel like I can give Ink & Paint Zoology a definitive voice. My personality is obviously seen within the texts of When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind, but I’ve formatted the posts in such a way that I can’t really show any distinct writing style in them. No quirks, no insights, no definitive voice or personality, just straight up reviews. And that’s boring! They have no distinction! Nothing that helps them stand out from the crowd, nothing that would intrigue people who just stumbled across it to stay. No, my voice is here. This blog is distinct, this blog is my own. This blog is so much more me than anything I could write over there. I’ve created something here, and I don’t want to neglect it.

So for those reasons, I have decided to stop writing for Ink & Paint Zoology and will now focus all my efforts on When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind. As much as I would love to refine my writing over there and try to make it better than it is now, I feel that this blog has suffered from me trying to juggle the two. This is the blog with the followers, the comments, the clicks, and the clear vision; I’d much rather save it than the other. Thankfully, judging by Ink & Paint’s minuscule page views, few people will be distraught by this change, if any. As for Masai Mara, my book I was trying to promote, I think I may just post it here from time to time. Thanks so much for your patience and I hope to produce more semi regular content for you to enjoy. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind once again has my full attention.


5 thoughts on “Major Changes….

  1. It was nice when you regularly reviewed things here, and i’m excited that things will be returning to normal. I think you gave ink and paint zoology a good fair try, and i liked to see your insight on those movies, but not at the cost of any new stuff about dinosaurs. I don’t think anybody would mind if you posted Masai Mara chapters here, and I really do want to see progress on that project. Just out of curiosity, what’s the next thing you have scheduled for the next post? Also, have you seen the new The Good Dinosaur trailer? it reveals a lot about the plot of the movie, i think, although there may be some surprises yet 🙂


    1. Well, I just posted a Top 10 of my favorite reviews I posted here, which I really made so that people who are new can have a few good posts they can start with to get an overall impression of my style. I am currently working on a review of the new Good Dinosaur trailer, which I saw and have quite a few things to say about. Then I’ll do a first impressions of the recently announced Far Cry Primal video game, which takes place in the Stone Age. From there I’ll do a Tropeosaurus post about the cliche of loud dinosaur roars, and then a full on review of the Papo dinosaur toys.

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  2. Cool, sounds like a good lineup. Being an avid dinosaur toy collector, i’m quite interested to hear what you have to say about Papo. They’re supposedly coming out with a Baryonyx next year, which should be a good addition to their highly detailed but often inaccurate dinosaur line. The issue on whether or not dinosaurs roared is also interesting, and if you haven’t already used it as a resource, I would encourage you to visit Dr. Martyniuk’s article on the topic.


  3. No worries, Dinosaur Guy. Actually, I think you can talk about non-dinousaur related stuffs here, perhaps under a category with names like “others” or “non-dinousaur related stuffs” or so on. Or alternatively, you can still keep writing in your other blog, Ink and Paint Zoology, and put its link in this blog where everyone can see it. And I think you can still write in your own style to show your personality in your writings on the other blog like you do here. You don’t have to lose your writing style there. So maybe you don’t have to abandon your other blog. Still, the decisions are yours. They are your blogs, afterall. 🙂


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