Welcome Writing Class!

Hey guys, welcome to my blog When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind! I hope you guys like what you see.

For my regular followers who might be confused by my recent posts, all of that was the result of a project I needed to do for my writing class. It also explains why I haven’t been posting my regular content as of late. Don’t worry, that should be coming fairly soon.

For my class, I just want to talk a little bit about my writing style. If you look over my blog, you may notice that nature is one of the prevailing themes running across my writing. Humans to me have always been kind of boring, or at least somewhat hard to write about. But animals always interested me, and I find them much more compelling as subjects for my writing. Pretty much every one of my favorite pieces involves nature in some way, shape or form. That was one of the reasons I created this blog in the first place; to share my love for one aspect of nature that some people forget about; paleontology.

I had a really fun time in this class, and I feel it really helped me improve in my own writing. If you guys like what you see, stick around if you want. It would be greatly appreciated.


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