100 Things About Me

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Hey guys. Yes, I know it’s been nearly a month since my last post, and I’m pretty angry about it myself. But I do want to let you know, along with my new job and getting ready for college, I am also going through some personal family biz. Nothing serious, but it is taking time away from here. I so desperately want to get back on track, and so I don’t leave you guys hanging for too long, I’ve decided to do this fun little thing to tell you guys a few things you may not know about me. So here it is, Top 100 Facts About Me That You Probably Didn’t Know About.

1.I am of Hispanic heritage.

2. Despite this, I absolutely cannot stand Mexican food.

3. I also don’t know any Spanish, even though my parents do. English is my only language.

4. I am what they call a Coconut. I am brown on the outside but white on the inside.

Ugh, I feel shame just looking at it.

5. I was born and raised in the city of Fort Worth, Texas. I live about 15 minutes away from downtown.

6. I’ve rode through the Fort Worth Stockyards as a kid so many times that I didn’t even know the area was a world famous tourist destination. It makes me laugh because the whole thing is smack dab in the middle of two pretty dangerous neighborhoods, and you can literally cross a street and end up somewhere you don’t want to find yourself in.

7. My favorite meal is probably a bacon cheeseburger with fries.

Ooh, getting hungry just looking at it.

8. I like pretty much any food you would call American, Southern, or Soul food. This furthers the proof that I’m a white guy in a Mexican’s body. What can I say, I’m a product of my surroundings.

9. As you’ve probably guessed, I have a horrible diet. Yet, because I remain active for the most part and since I have a good metabolism I’m not severely overweight. Still, I could probably stand to loose a good thirty pounds. And what effect my diet will have 30 years down the line I don’t really know.

10. Since high school I’ve worked as a roofing sales associate with my dad until recently.

11. We do a lot of door to door work, and that’s no fun in the 100 degree Texas summers.

12. I am currently 19 years old and will turn 20 later this year.

13. I was home schooled through middle and high school so I graduated a year early.

14. I have an absolutely huge range in music tastes, and like songs from just about every genre of music.

15. My favorite musical genres/styles/eras include 70’s rock, 70’s funk, 80’s hair metal and pop, 90’s soft rock, 90’s/early 2000’s country, modern alternative, and movie soundtracks.

16. When I was an early teen I went through a bit of a heavy metal phase, which I still listen to a bit but not nearly as much as I did before.

17. My least favorite musical styles are rap, modern pop, and dubstep, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hate those musical groups as a whole, I just have less songs in those groups that I like.

18. I don’t really listen to indy music. Most of the stuff on my MP3 you can hear on the radio unless it’s from a movie soundtrack.

19. My favorite film composers are Hans Zimmer, John Williams, and James Newton Howard. Here is a sample of their work.

20. Chances are if a movie soundtrack has an African/tribal vibe to it, I’ll be interested.

21. Whenever I feel down, my go to song is ‘It’s A Great Day To Be Alive’ by Travis Tritt.

22. Favorite musical artists include Elton John, Steve Miller Band, Rolling Stones, The Commodores, Earth Wind and Fire, Travis Tritt, Coldplay, Doobie Brothers, and Carlos Santana.

23. There are three movies that will guarantee make me cry every time I see them.

The Land Before Time.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

And this friggin’ movie.

24. I am a fan of many things, but I find most fandoms really hard to interact with because of the sheer idiocy that exists.

25. I am a big comic book superhero fan.

26. I love both Marvel and DC the same.

27. I am a huge Disney fan.

28. I am a pretty big animation fan in general.

29. Most the shows I follow on TV are cartoons.

30. I am currently watching Gravity Falls on Disney XD….

31. …as well as Steven Universe on Cartoon Network.

32. I am also a brony. Sigh…

33. I am also in the process of trying to figure out if I’m s furry or not. There are things about the fandom that appeal to me, but the ickier stuff kind of keeps me away.

34. My favorite movie is probably The Dark Knight, but it changes all the time.

35. I actually have a hard time picking a favorite movie because even movies I like I have a hard time watching over and over again. Few films have an everlasting appeal to me, and I can’t think of one that I can watch over and over again and still be as invested as I was the first few times.

36. I am kind of a big stickler when it comes to movies, and overused cliches and tropes can really annoy me. This probably has to do with the amount of time I spend on the TV Tropes website.

37. My least favorite movie cliche is the ‘Disney Death’, where the characters think another character has died but the audience knows the character is still alive, whether because the movie shows you or the scene is presented in a way that you can tell a character didn’t really die. It’s used so much in kids movies and it just slows down the movie for me to the point that I just don’t care anymore.

38. I don’t watch a lot of live action TV. Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, haven’t seen any of them.

39. If I watch it and it’s live action it’s most likely going to be something educational, like what Discovery, History and Animal Planet would show before they focused on scripted reality shows.

40. My favorite live action sitcom is Modern Family. I much prefer the single camera set up for a sitcom and the ‘laugh track’ style sitcom annoys me to no end.

41. My favorite animated sitcom is Futurama.

42. My favorite animated movie is a tossup between The Lion King, The Incredibles, The Land Before Time, and The Prince of Egypt.

43. My earliest movie theater experience was either Toy Story 2 or Might Joe Young.

44. I watched Teletubbies until I was 7.

45. Same with Barney.

46. I don’t watch R rated movies. Vulgar films don’t really appeal to me.

47. I don’t really cuss a lot for the same reason. One of the reasons this very blog tends to be pretty PG.

48. I don’t play video games simply because I would have to buy them with my own money and I currently don’t have that kind of cash.

49. I also don’t watch anime. I have nothing against it or it’s fans, it’s just not my thing.

50. I was introduced to the films Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time at a very young age, and those two films are the reason I love dinosaurs to this day.

51. A box of hand me down dinosaur toys my cousin gave me as a kid also helped with that.


52. My favorite dinosaur is the Brachiosaurus.

53. My favorite theropod is the Ceratosaurus.

54. My favorite pterosaur is the Quetzalcoatlus.

55. My favorite Cenozoic mammal is the woolly rhinoceros.

56. My favorite pre-Mesozoic creature is the Dimetrodon.

57. My favorite animal alive today is the coati.

58. My favorite superhero is Batman.

59. But if we aren’t talking about A-Listers, my favorite superhero is either Green Arrow or Black Panther.

60. I am politically neutral, and nothing annoys me more than liberals and conservatives going off on each other. You guys just need to calm down.

61. I’ve grown up in a fairly religious household, and I still happily involve myself in religious affairs.

62. My religious upbringing doesn’t hinder my love of science in the least.

63.  I’ve found women of all races attractive, but notice I can’t really find myself attracted to brown skinned skinny women because they remind me too much of my sister.

64. Because of that, I think I have a preference for curvier women.

65. I have never had a girlfriend, mostly because I don’t want to get into the drama of that right now. When I get older and I find the right person, only then will I pursue a relationship.

66. I don’t want to have kids. Like, at all.

67. I hate kids.

68. Nothing annoys me more than going to a grocery store or restaurant or movie theater and hearing nothing but bratty kids crying, fussing, throwing tantrums and disrespecting their parents.

69. OK, I’ll tone it down. I don’t hate kids. I love good kids, I just don’t like little snot nosed whiners.

70. I have a fear of wasps.

71. I’m not afraid of vicious dogs. In fact, if I see one it seems like I have this compulsive need to say ‘hey puppy’ in a high pitched baby talk.

Hey puppy. Look at you, look at you.

72. I don’t watch TV much anymore. Youtube has become my TV.

73. Netflix too to a lesser extant.

74. I am a huge fan of voice over actors; the people who play the voices of our favorite cartoon characters.

75. My favorite include Grey DeLisle, John DiMaggio, Steven Blum, Jim Cummings, and Kevin Michael Richardson.

76. I long to become a published author.

77. For the past few years I have been working on a novel called Masai Mara, and the first chapter can be read on a other blog Ink & Paint Zoology. 

76. The story has been in several stages of completion, and at one point it was even half way done. But I scrapped most of it because I wasn’t satisfied with my own writing.

77. I’ve been writing stories since I was little, and I finished my first ‘book’ when I was about 12 years old. It was a story about two kids who were 6 inches tall for some reason getting lost in the woods with their wise cracking lizard friend. It was very much inspired by the 80’s cartoon The Littles.

78. I’m not good at sports, nor have I ever gotten really interested in them.

79. I can’t fix something to save my life. I’m incredibly bad with my hands.

80. I didn’t learn to tie my shoes properly until much later than I should have.

81. The subject I am weakest at is math.

82. My long term goals include studying to become a dental assistant. I’m not interested in perusing paleontology as a job.

83. My family tends to think of me as kind of a downer, but I like to think of myself as a realist.

84. Take that as you will.

85. I love living in Fort Worth Texas, as it is big enough that there is plenty do to but small enough that it doesn’t become a crowded incoherent mess like New York or LA or even Dallas.

86. I like living in Texas, but you know all those jokes and stereotypes that people make about this state? Most of them are true.

87. I am always surrounded by gun toting, slur slinging science denying proud xenophobes that think global warming is a myth and Obama is worst than Hitler.

88. These are also the guys who thought this was real and created an entire museum around it.


89. On the flip side, some of the nicest, most hospitable and selfless people can be found here too.

90. I sometimes struggle with racial identity. Sometimes I feel that other races just look at me as another Mexican, while other Mexicans don’t think that I am Mexican enough. Racial pride exists everywhere, but it is hard when your state is at the epicenter of such topics as immigration and full of people who are too blind to see beyond their own little worlds.

91. Thankfully, I have plenty of friends of all races who don’t care a thing about that and see me and others as people first.

92. When hanging out with friends, I prefer going to movies or out to eat over parties and the like.

 93. I can be kind of an introvert, but can certainly show signs of an extrovert when surrounded by people I’m comfortable with.

94. Both my parents have worked extremely hard to make sure me and my sister have a fairly comfortable life, and for that I am very grateful.

95. I am claustrophobic.

96. I am a huge roller coaster nut, even though only a few years ago I was terrified of them.

97. The blogger who inspired me most to pursue doing my own blog was the Unshaved Mouse, who does review of Disney movies and other animated films.

98. When I first started I didn’t think anyone would read this blog, and I figured I would eventually just stop since no one would pay attention anyway.

99. You guys are the reason I keep myself going. You’ve given me a reason to continue writing.

100. All in all, I am very grateful and feel very fortunate to have the life that I was given.

Thank you all for reading, I hope this was as fun for you as it was for me. I hope to get back on track soon, but until then, stay awesome.


8 thoughts on “100 Things About Me

  1. 101. Here is a picture of the front and back of my current credit card.
    102. Here is my social security number

    Seriously, these types of posts might be a bad idea


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