Jurassic World Incoming!!!!!


Well guys, it’s coming. Ever since I started this site I’ve thought to myself how I would review this movie when it comes out, and now that moment is officially upon us. I will be seeing this movie sometime this weekend, and you can bet your Jurassic (only the 100 millionth time that pun has been used) I’ll be reviewing this bad boy. Reviews are already piling in, and so far they are….


I have a feeling this might be a somewhat divisive film, and it might just be ones of those movies I have to see for myself and draw my own conclusions. I haven’t been afraid of taking firm sides on divisive films before.

Really enjoyed it.

Oh My God Hated It!!!

So, expect sometime after this weekend a somewhat short ‘first impressions’ post about my overall feelings toward the movie, and then a little later a more comprehensive look at what I thought worked and didn’t work about the movie. However, I won’t be doing a separate post on how I thought the dinosaurs were portrayed in the film, because, you know, I believe you can figure that out.

Still no feathers.

To big to be called Velociraptors.

Side spikes, ‘nough said.

Spines? Really? This isn’t the 1880’s!!!

Oh God, what even is that?!

Wait, is that Stegosaurus lowering it’s tail to the ground? That’s physically impossible!!!

Even The Lost World knew better!!!

Oh come on, now you’re just being silly.

So, be on the look out for post release Jurassic World content. My entire blog has been building up to this moment. Will it live up to expectations?

Will the movie’s kind of idiotic ideas work well in context?

Will this movie be as sexist as SJWs claim it will be?

Will the mosasaur appear in more than two scenes?

Will T. rex regain her former glory?

Can practical effects save the day?

Will B.D. Wong ever age?

All this and more will be discovered.


9 thoughts on “Jurassic World Incoming!!!!!

  1. Maybe BD Wong doesn’t age because he’s…A VAMPIRE! DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNN!

    But yeah, I just got back from JW’s TV Tropes page! They already have spoiler tags up! D:
    Fortunately, I made sure to resist highlighting too many of them, or at least the ones I didn’t already know from the trailers.


  2. is the movie already out then?
    i don’t check the jurassic world news.
    like at all. ever…….
    one day they might create a accurate dinosaur.
    ( i’m most likely thinking )


  3. Is it bad that I can’t look at that apatosaurus’s head without thinking that every wrinkle in fact makes it look rubberier, especially with the type of lighting they’re using. The skin isn’t appear to be nearly as dry as it should to properly sport the elephantine skin look. I’d say there should be more shadows being cast from the cast members if it wasn’t a cloudy day, but looking at the corresponding scene showing the grassy hills with the downed sauropods, it is a cloudy day so free pass.
    I’ve also just noticed something in this trailer here.

    There’s a little snip involving the pterosaurs terrorizing (I couldn’t help myself) the petting zoo. There, for a brief moment you will see a pteranodon having lifted an infant, but still fairly large triceratops into the air and then dropping it.
    First off; that jerk! Secondly I’m fairly certain that that triceratops, while a bit smaller than the average adult human appearing in this film, as given a size reference to what appears to be a park employee just a few meters behind them; I’m willing to bet it’s quite heavier. I’m thinking as heavy as a baby elephant. They aren’t so huge, but they’re pretty heavy (and adorable). I mean, they’re large for baby standards, but not ridiculously so when compared to their parents (I’d say baby kiwis and many larval arthropods are enormous when compared to their parents,).
    Those are just a couple things that bug me thus far. There are more, but why spend your time thinking about all the negatives of a movie right before watching it. That’s not fun… for everyone. I don’t like ripping into things I haven’t seen; at least not until a couple weeks have passed since it was released.


  4. Yah! just saw Jurassic World! I thought it was good, but I can’t wait to read your reaction to it. It’s defiantly not for everyone, but I enjoyed it as a Jurassic Park film and not something trying to be scientifically accurate (even if the original was). Kind of a shame though, it could have set about a new, more accurate public view of dinosaurs, but I see why they didn’t take that route. Even with that, I strongly recommend seeing it!


    1. As cool as it would have been to see feathered raptors in this movie, I think it would have left many movie goers scratching their heads and perhaps calling fowl. I understand Colin’s desire to retain consistency.


  5. Yeah, that Stegosaurus tail posture bothered me too. It’s sad to see that stegosaurs are still regarded as lethargic and probably getting eaten by predators when we should know better than that.

    Maybe you could discuss about ol’ Steg in the next Dinosaurs Over The Years.


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