Hey Guys! Should I Do This?

Should I make another blog?

I while back I posted a chapter of a novel I’ve been working on called Masai Mara looking for some feedback. I did get some nice responses, including one from fellow blogger Raptor Dash who suggested I make a second blog specifically for the story. I pondered over this idea for a while, going back and forth over whether I should do it. And you know what?

I think she’s right.

As much as I would like to continue and post it here on this site, I understand that the content doesn’t really mix well with the theme of this blog nor would the novel appeal to all of my audience. But the thing that worried me most is the fear that nobody would be able to find my story if the blog were completely composed of my novel and nothing more. So what more can I do with it?

I figured since the characters of my story are anthropomorphic animals, I could write posts about how animals are portrayed in media and the stereotypes around them (foxes being clever, lions being proud, beavers being workaholics, stuff like that), as well as connect that to how I write the animal characters in my story. This new blog may also give me the opportunity to do something else I’ve been wanting to do: review animated films (specifically those featuring anthropomorphic animals).

I love animation, and it’s something I would love to talk about more, but I simply can’t do that on a blog specifically about dinosaurs. If I create a new blog, I can finally have an appropriate template to showcase my novel, as well as write material that would attract the kind of people who would be interested in my story.

If I were to do this blog, I would finally embark on two major projects I’ve been hoping to get a chance to do: review every episode of My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic…

I am so ashamed. Except I’m not.

…as well as review every single Dreamworks Animation film…

….as well as any other animated film or TV show (Disney, Don Bluth, Blue Sky, whatever) that deals with anthropomorphic animals.

The only thing is, I’m afraid if I go forward with this project I may end up neglecting this blog. I still love what I’m doing here, and I love all of you guys. I’m still motivated with this blog, there’s just other things I would like to do as well. But if I take on too much I may end up putting less attention on one or the other. I also understand that not everyone here would be interested in the other stuff I want to write about, so me spending more time on the other site and spending less time on this one may start to feel burdensome for you guys. That is the last thing I want. I love you guys, and I love this blog. But there is other stuff i’m passionate about I want to write about as well. So, what should I do?

I’ve already secured a web address for the blog. If I go forward with this new project, the site will be called Ink & Paint Zoology, or inkandpaintzoology.wordpress.com.

Tell me what you guys think. Will you support me on this new project? Would you prefer me to focus my energies here? Do you even care either way? I greatly value your input.


13 thoughts on “Hey Guys! Should I Do This?

  1. Of course, I’m always right 😉

    But seriously though, pursue your dreams. Do whatever feels right to you. I’d love to read a second blog of yours and just as long as you don’t forget about this one for months at a time, I’d be okay with it.


      1. this a interesting monster you fight in the area where this music plays.
        it’s the seltas and seltas queen.

        if you think eating another of you’re own species, without a second thought then there is a great chance you are seltas queen as they will ( in dire need of food ) kill the male seltas. by repeatedly smashing the male against the ground until it dies. most likely of bloodloss or shear trauma.
        oh and to make things worse for the male seltas in the first quest you face the seltas queen you’re subquest is to kill or capture a male seltas. not just that there will respawn a new male seltas every time another is caught or killed by the hunter or the seltas queen. seeing how the seltas queen will use pheromone’s to attract another male.

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  2. I agree with everyone else here in the comments, you should go and make the new blog, but please try to keep posting to this blog as well.

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  3. Agreed. Right now on here, posts are intermittent. Try to set yourself a schedule. Like trying to get a small post about something done the same time each week or biweekly, etc.. Like how webcomics do it. Setting up a schedule helps you out a lot


    1. I’ve been trying to create a schedule. but I realize if I do most likely I won’t be able to keep up with it. But with as many projects as I want to do it’s probably for the best.


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