Jurassic World Global Trailer Review (OMG!!!!)

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OK, we nerds have been spoiled rotten these past few days in terms of movie trailers. First we got the Ant-Man trailer…

….then the FRIGGIN Star Wars Episode 7 trailer….


…and then the new Fantastic Four trailer.

(one viewing later)

So, just to add some icing to the cake, we got a second full length Jurassic World trailer. Let’s take a look.

The trailer begins with some familiar scenes, first the scene in which Owen (Chris Pratt) is trying to train the raptors (this moment is slightly expanded with new footage) as well as some of the dialogue from that ’70’s sexist’ scene. But we also get some cool footage of raptors running through the forest at night, presumably in full ‘raptor squad’ mode.

 Jurassic World Trailer Still 6

The whole ‘raptor squad’ angle this film is taking, although tough to digest at first, is really starting to appeal to me. Heck, I’m actually pretty certain this aspect of the film is going to completely work. It’s other things this film may be tackling that make me raise an eyebrow.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 9

After a quick moment for the Legendary Pictures logo (still weird seeing it in front of a non Warner Brothers film) we get our first glimpse of the T. rex enclosure. And yes, this is a MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better setup than they had in the first movie.

He’ll come out. You just have to believe.

The log set up is a pretty ingenious design, I just hope it’s sturdy enough to survive if T. rex decides to get a little angry at the tree.

We don’t want this happening again.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 10

Speaking of Rexy, we get our first glimpse of her in this scene as she presumably eviscerates an innocent goat in front of these blood thirsty tourists. Unfortunately, the scene is quick and you don’t get a real good look at the creature. Hopefully they’re saving T. rex and all her glory for the actual film, which I think is a good choice.

 Jurassic World Trailer Still 13

We also get this amazing look at Mosasaurus from an underwater observatory. I absolutely love aquariums, and seeing this scene just makes me wish this was a real park even more (you know, despite all the death and destruction). I’m also glad to see the mosasaur will be making more appearances in the film besides the famous shark eating scene, although I hope they haven’t spoiled all the mosasaur scenes in this trailer.

BTW, that better be some thick glass.

We then get some clips we’ve already seen, with a voice over of Claire saying the powers that be feel that a genetically tampered dinosaur would raise up the wow factor, in which Owen replies, “they’re dinosaurs, that’s wow enough”.

And thus sums up a million fanboys/girls complaints over the strange choices this film is making regarding it’s dinosaurs.

In all seriousness, that line really does seem like a commentary on the film climate this movie is being subjected to right now. It used to be that CGI dinosaurs would be enough to bring in a crowd, but as we know that alone would no longer be considered a significant enough draw.

I would cite this film as an example, but lets be honest, this movie had MUCH bigger problems.

So, what do you do when audience is already used to seeing CG dinosaurs in movies? You do something different with them. And this film is doing something REALLY different.

Jurassic World Trailer #3 Screenshot

Yes, we finally get a look at Dr. Henry Wu, the only returning cast member from the first film (however, I’m pretty sure he’s only here for the huge Jurassic Park fans who remember his importance in the novel, casual film goers may not even remember he was in the first movie). Sadly, he only gets a passing moment on screen, in which he says the I. rex was created to be even bigger than the T. rex. Because that sounds like a great idea!

You know, I get the feeling that Wu is going to be kind of a douche in this movie. Yeah, he was kind of a douche in the book too, so it makes sense, but to be honest I actually kind of wanted him to be a nice guy. I don’t know why, I guess it’s just because I love BD Wong and don’t want to see him play a jerk. But it seems like he’s going to be one of those science over consequences type people who will probably end up as dinosaur chow by the end of the movie.

Jurassic World Trailer #3 Screenshot

Sure enough, nature once again gives the finger to overzealous humankind and says ‘YOU CAN’T KEEP ME DOWN, MAN!!!”. And by that I mean the I. rex escapes to cause mass hysteria and probably more than a few soiled pants.

   Jurassic World Trailer #3 Screenshot

Here we get our first look at Jake Johnson’s character Lowery, who appears to have a role in the technological aspects of the park. He wears a circa 1993 Jurassic Park T shirt and his working area appears to be surrounded by plastic dinosaur toys. As much as I hate to say it, I think I may be this character. Heck, I think I used to have some of those dinosaur toys.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 34

Now, this is the horrifying moment when we truly realize just how smart this dinosaur is. The tracking device that was put in her skin had been clawed out because the dinosaur remembers where they put it. Now, I need you to think about this. This is not only incredible because the creature was able to remember where they put the tracking device, this dinosaur had to put two and two together that whatever they injected into her was there so they could more easily find her, and that she had to take it out so that she could hide. Do you realize the intelligence required to make such observations and then act upon them??!!! How smart is this dinosaur?

After a few snipets of I. rex wrecking stuff up, we get WHAT DUH?!

Man, that kid is having a terrible time. Of course, I’d probably be screaming like that too if I was trapped in a giant hamster ball being battered by an Ankylosaurus.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 43

Speaking of which, this is our confirmation that Ankylosaurus will be appearing in this film. I had a feeling they were going to make an appearance, and I’m glad they are. The color palate I feel is a bit drab however, and I much prefer the color scheme these dinosaur had in JP3. They also sport those ugly side spikes that make them look like a nodosaur/ankylosaur hybrid, which I still something I can’t quite get over. They still look cool though, and I can’t wait to see more of them.

Now, movie trailers like this have what people like to call ‘money shots’, that one amazing scene that they put in as a surefire way to get people hyped and excited for their movie. Most trailers only have one. This one had two. Here is one of them.

A helicopter crashes through the aviary, blows up in a fiery explosion, and we get our first full body look of the Indominus Rex. Everything about this scene is cheesy and awesome in all the right ways. It’s so Hollywood, you know it’s there to appeal to the lowest common denominator, but God dang it does it work .And I. rex herself looks awesome too, even though she’s basically just a long armed Giganotosaurus. Which certainly isn’t a bad thing.

 Jurassic World Trailer Still 58

Now this little scene intrigues me. Some have just speculated that this is just Claire running from the I. rex, but I don’t know. Something about those feet seems oddly…familiar.

It has been rumored that at some point in the movie Claire has to release the T. rex so that it can fight off the Indominus, and I think this little snipet shows that moment. If it is T. rex, I want to take a moment to thank the marketing team for showing very little of the Tyrannosaurus as of late. You guys may have dropped the ball a bit with the I. rex, but this tells me there’s still a lot of the movie we haven’t seen yet.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 59

At this point, we see Omar Sy’s character solemnly saying “they’re communicating’. What exactly that entails I’ll get into a little later.

  Jurassic World Trailer Still 62

Here we have Owen and the kids huddled up in a gift shop surrounded by merchandise that you can buy right now at Jurassic World.com/store (wink) as they get attacked by the I. rex. This scene brings to mind the moments in the first film with Alan, Lex and Tim, which I don’t think was a deliberate parallel they were trying to make but is still appreciated nonetheless.

Now this is an interesting image. The raptors, which we thought were supposed to be tamed protagonists, are now attacking. I guess this didn’t come as too much of a surprise to me, as the director did clarify that these raptors weren’t truly ‘tamed’ per se and still were quite dangerous. I can’t wait to see how this scene folds out within the context of the film.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 66

Here we see that I. rex roaring at the pterosaurs before they escape and attack the delicious, delicious tourists. Now, the trailer seems to be insinuating a pretty bizarre concept that the I. rex is actually capable of communicating with other dinosaurs and is commanding the pterosaurs to attack the people. Now, that may be what the trailer is conveying, but I don’t think this is literally what is happening. When Omar Sy says ‘they’re communicating’, I have a feeling he’s referring to the raptors instead. Now, why would a man who studies raptor behavior be surprised by communicating raptors? I think that scene happens around the same time one of the raptors is seen attacking, and perhaps he is seeing some aggressive communication between the Velociraptors. I know I may be stretching a bit, but that may just be because I can’t really buy the idea that the I. rex can talk to other dinosaurs, no less pterosaurs which are a completely different animal. IDK, it looks to me the I rex is just roaring at the pterodactyls, not commanding them. If they do go that route though, they better have a damn good explanation as to how it can freakin’ do that or my suspension of disbelief might lower to a level I don’t want it to go.

Jurassic World Trailer #3 Screenshot

BTW, I just realized how weird looking these Pteranodon look. Their bodies are completely mangled, their skin is way too leathery, and their beaks look like a baby robin’s! Hey, at least they don’t have teeth though.

Now, before the trailer ends, we have one last money shot. And boy is it something else.

The Mosasaur jumps out of the water and EATS A PTERANODON!!!!! How awesome is that??!!!! When I first saw this scene, I giggled like a little girl and fell back in my seat. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. That moment alone just got me so excited to see this movie.

I’m excited to see this movie, I really am. Despite some plot points that seem questionable as of now (lets hope talking dinosaurs doesn’t become a thing) I couldn’t be more ready to see this film. I so want it to be good. I doesn’t have to be a smart movie. It can just be mindless action. Just make it entertaining. I may be a bit of a cinema snob, but I can put my brain away and enjoy some Hollywood fluff. I just don’t want a movie to offend me as a thinknig human being.

That’s where you went wrong.

If this is the last trailer we get of this movie, I would be OK with that. I am completely satisfied.

In related news, the Jurassic Word website has released the remaining dinosaur profiles, which are Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus, and Velociraptor.

Now, these color schemes, although beautiful, look nothing like how these creatures have been depicted in the past films. This along with the great quality of the illustrations tells me that these guys probably aren’t going to appear in the film, which is sad as I really hoped they would. The models are still amazing in their own right, and look much better than anything actually appearing in the movie.

Case in point.


18 thoughts on “Jurassic World Global Trailer Review (OMG!!!!)

  1. Okay. This post is going to make me sound very pretentious about this movie… Mostly because this is a very pretentious post about this movie; but I don’t want you to think that I myself am pretentious as I almost never say anything like this. Well, here goes… something.

    I still don’t know what to think about this movie. As a kid I loved dinosaurs as I knew them (sci-fi theme park monsters) and even grew to know more about them as that movie knowledge gave way to my interest in researching prehistoric animals (granted I haven’t gotten as far as I might have wanted to in regards to paleontology because I’m easily distracted.); and because of it, I can’t stop looking at these trailers without somehow being reminded of every campy sci-fi movie trailer that I’ve seen because of the ridiculousness of the formulas they’re using, which require the producers to know that the formulas they’re using are ridiculous. Look at all this ridiculousness!

    I kind of just want someone to put a simple list together of all the ridiculous movie formulas that can be spotted in the trailer. You’ve already pointed out a few things.

    I mean, it’s not a bad thing at all. It’s cinema. That’s just how movies are these days and it should be expected. However, is it a bad thing when one can’t stop looking at famous high budget films and low budget movies side by side and thinking they really aren’t all that different.
    Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m to young. Or maybe I’m taking too long to point out what I have against this film that so many have already pointed out than needs to be said; but I’ll say it again anyways. Well sort of.


    1. My problem with the movie is that it appears to have a plot something along the lines of this.
      Overqualified amateur scientist/officer/admiral (hereafter referred to as O.A.): “Hey protagonist. We have a problem. Our highly dangerous and aggressive [top] secret experimental genetic abomination has escaped and is killing everything. We won’t admit to needing your help right now because we have brute force (guns, tanks, choppers, nukes, etc.), but we thought you might want to know.
      Protagonist: “Okay. Why the heck did you make this thing?”
      O.A.: “Don’t question me! I [Insert phrase emphasizing one’s social/military rank]. We needed more crazy expensive dangerous things to make us look more powerful/more awesome than everybody else, because everyone started to think we were a bunch of boring layabout pushovers. Anyways, we’re going to try to catch it.”
      Protagonist: “Do you know what kind of trouble this thing is causing? Why would you need to make this thing? It shouldn’t exist!”
      O.A.: “I sort of already answered both of those questions, but I’d just like to add that it sounded like a really cool idea at first. Well I’m off to go fight this thing. You better stay here so you don’t get in the way or get hurt. We’ll call you if we need you. (eheheheheh yeah right.)”
      *After O.A.’s forces are wiped out or left totally useless for whatever reason, O.A. returns to the protagonist for help.*
      Protagonist: “You need my help now don’t you?”
      O.A.: “Yeh…”
      Protagonist: *sigh* “Again…”


  2. I honestly think “marine reptiles eating pterosaurs” should be your next Trope-O-Saurus. I’ve seen it in a lot of places, including the movie Fantasia (which may even be the origin) and countless old dinosaur books.
    Its omnipresence is actually rather puzzling to me, because as far as I know there’s almost no concrete fossil evidence for this sort of behavior, and certainly none involving mosasaurs or pliosaurs. The closest things we have to evidence is a couple of Pteranodon bones from the Western Interior Seaway, which show non-serrated tooth marks that could be from a mosasaur.
    Interestingly, we DO have ample evidence that pterosaurs were eaten by dinosaurs and by big fish such as sharks.


      1. There might also be some evidence. Mark Witton briefly notes on some osteological correlations between pterosaurs and aquatic behavior that go much further than wading in the shallows; making these in relation to ornithocheirids and pteranodontids in particular. He goes into some detail describing how ornithocheirids not only spent a good deal of time around water, but landing on it and launching from it, as well as the methods of movement used for launching from water. Man I love books like this; filled with detailed figures, beautiful art, and an abundance of biological information.

        Anyways, my point is that pterosaurs like Pteranodon and Ornithocheirus likely spent a lot of time in environments that made them susceptible to attacks from large ocean predators.


  3. How would YOU explain Dino to Dino communication?
    Its possible it could be pheromone based like bees/wasps/ants. A kill everything switch.
    Maybe actual communication like birds (how do we know birds don’t communicate?)
    It would make a great saurian speculation topic.


    1. The whole idea really confuses me, and i’m not exactly sure how they’re going to pull it off. A part of me thinks it’s not actually going to happen and the trailers are being a bit misleading, but I don’t know. I do like that pheromone idea though, and if they use that in the movie I think I could buy it a bit better.


  4. Actually, looking at wikipedia on bird communication, like mobbing, etc. Birds can communicate cross-species with bird calls. Now… JP shows that some dinosaurs communicate with calls (raptors). We should think it is reasonable for dinosaurs to have bird-like behavior


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