I’m writing a novel (but not about dinosaurs)

Quick update on my JP toy review. I am still in the process of writing it, but it still might be a long while until it actually comes out. Until then, I will be posting little things here and there so I don’t stay inactive for too long and deprive you of any content, so bare with me. College is having me do a lot more writing than I would like.

Anyway, you can tell from the title that I am writing a novel, or more accurately I was writing a novel. I started working on it late 2013, and for some reason kind of stopped writing it around April 2014. In that time, I was almost halfway finished with the first draft. But then, life just kind of got in the way (like it always does) and the book just kind of disappeared into the back of my mind. It was around August of that year when I wanted to replenish my creative juices once again, and decided to start this blog. However, I still want to eventually finish that novel, and my devotion to this blog has kind of kept me from doing so.

So this is when I ask you, my faithful followers, if I may post my novel on this very website? I think what I need to rekindle that drive to finish it is if I get some feedback from it. I originally posted the story on the website Fictionpress, where it can still be found, and I had a follower who reviewed every chapter that came out. He helped give me a reason to continue writing. However when he stopped commenting, that was around the time I stopped updating. But now that I have gathered a bit of a community here (all 20 of yah), I figured I may have a chance to gain some much needed feedback and rekindle my love for this story.

So, this is where I tell you what my novel is about. Sadly, it’s not about dinosaurs.

Yeah, I know.

But before I reveal the premise to you guys, I think I might need to give you guys a little backstory.

I have a little confession to make. I am a bit of a furry.

What, you don’t have a good razor?

No, I didn’t say I’m furry. I said I am a furry.

DG, you have betrayed me.

Now, given how surprising and audacious this revelation must be, I think I owe it to you to answer some of the questions that may be weighing on your mind.

Are you….uh…..attracted….to animal people?

Definitely no. Not all furries are into that side of the fandom, and that is certainly an aspect of the community I don’t identify with. Heck, I don’t even engage with online furry communities and forums because that kind of stuff always seems to pop up. And I can’t even browse for good furry art because the other stuff is so prevalent.

Do you wear a fur suit everywhere you go?

No, then people would think I’m crazy.

Oh, so you only where it at conventions then.

I don’t own a fur suit. Period. Nor do I plan to. Are you aware of how much those things cost?

What do you wear at conventions then?

I don’t go to conventions. I’ve haven’t even gone to a Comic Convention before. I’m claustrophobic and I don’t do too good in big crowds.

So, do you think you’re an animal in your soul or something?

I identify as a Hispanic American heterosexual scientifically minded Christian male, not a wolf/cat hybrid or something.

So then what makes you a furry?

Well, it’s always been more the story telling aspect that attracted me. Even from my early childhood I loved telling stories, and most of those tales involved animals in some way or another. Even to this day, I love movies and cartoons that focus on animal characters; such as The Lion King, Kung Fu Panda, The Secret of NIHM, Disney’s Robin Hood, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Oh yeah, I’m also a brony. Hehe, you’re learning all sorts of things about me today, huh?

So really, I just like writing fiction about animals instead of people for purely aesthetic storytelling reasons. That’s really the only aspect of the furry community I identify with.

Really, that’s it? You’re barely a furry.

 Well EXCUSE ME princess.

Anyway, as to why this is all relevant to this post.

The story of my novel does involve anthropomorphic talking humanoid animals, in a world fairly similar to the Kung Fu Panda universe. But instead of taking place in China and focusing on Chinese animals, the story takes place in Africa and focuses on African animals.

To put it simply, my story is basically what you would get if you took Kung Fu Panda, The Lion King, Avatar The Last Airbender, Animal Farm, Redwall, and The Chronicles of Narnia and put them in a blender.

The book is called Masai Mara, the title coming from the kingdom the story takes place in and is named after a real life nature preserve in East Africa. The focus of the story interchanges between three major characters and their groups of acquaintances; the king N’Daku (along with his wife Queen N’Nitsa) and their efforts to save the kingdom in a time of crisis, their son and king in training Linku, who is trying to carve out his own destiny, and Fisi, a hyena and former member of N’Daku’s council who feels that monarchy needs to be replaced with democracy.

As of now, that’s all I’ll reveal of the plot. I would like to post the chapters I have already written here and see what you guys think, and hopefully that will give me the incentive to continue with the story. Now, just a heads up, this is a first draft of something I wrote quite a bit ago, and i know there are story and dialogue problems. I aim to fix them, so bear with me.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback with this.


18 thoughts on “I’m writing a novel (but not about dinosaurs)

  1. I enjoy stories about animals as well, like the wing trilogy by Kenneth Oppel. That series is extremely underrated, and the only people I know that have read it are one of my best friends and me and we love it. Anyway, please do post your story here, I would love to read it!


    1. Will do. I remember that Wing book series as a kid. There was even a cartoon series if I’m not mistaken which wasn’t that bad. I was also a big fan of the Redwall books as a kid.


  2. Yeah, there was a cartoon, i haven’t gotten around to watching it much though. I’ve seen the first episode and thats about it. I though it was OK, not great though. Another great book about animals is Raptor Red by Robert Bakker. IT. IS. AWSOME! And it’s about dinosaurs! They do lack feathers, but thats what imagination is for.


  3. do you have a idea for a raptorial bird wyvern ( like the great jaggi or velocidrome )
    like a idea for what to make it look or any special features it could have .


      1. Still, you can add more features to yours to make it more distinct. I really like the head crest and feather coloration of the secretary bird. I think that alone would make for a very interesting wyvern.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’d reply to your later post, but the reply buttons down there apparently don’t exist. :/
        Anywho; I’d generally leave larger theropod characteristics for the brute wyverns. As for dromaeosaurs; have you thought about members of Microraptorinae? Bunch of adorably freaky four winged raptors (I hesitate to call dromaeosaurs raptors, because modern raptors a.k.a. birds of prey use that name; but that’s just me. I’m not implying anything here, I’m just saying I have a word preference…) Also, there’s an open spot for oviraptorosaurs.
        I drew a bird wyvern concept once. I actually posted an early version on my unity profile. I’ve since made several of the improvements I listed in this picture, but it’s still incomplete and I don’t feel like posting every step towards the animal’s completion.
        ^I hope that’s how you insert an image.


    1. I think a wyvern based on a secretary bird would be awesome.

      And I’m not really a ‘real’ furry, I don’t dress up, I don’t go to cons, I don’t participate in forums or communities, I don’t browse for furry art, and I DEFINITELY am not attracted to furry characters. I just like writing stories and reading/watching stories with animal characters simply because I have a love for animals, similar to my love for dinosaurs.

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      1. Okay. Liking/writing stories about anthropomorphic animal characters isn’t really furry. It’s a literature thing only., or else A A Milne would be a furry for writing Winnie the Pooh. Or Lauren Faust would be one. Being Furry is strongly defined by the relationship with animal/animal-like characters in a sexual-esque nature.

        Sounds like a neat idea for a story.


  4. I kind of have to agree with Nick on the not furry part. I don’t think that liking or writing stories that star anthropomorphic animals or animals in general as the lead characters necessarily makes one a furry. It’s not that hard for me to rap my mind around choosing an argonian in any elder scrolls games and then giving them a background story, personality, and so on. I also agree that being a furry is more reliant on attributing sexual behaviors towards nonhuman characters that display a mixture of human and [fictional or real] animal characteristics.

    However, that isn’t to say that art depicting animals or anthropomorphic animals in a clean [safe to view] way can’t be made by furries. My brother is a furry (he draws… stuff and participates in an online community… I’ll leave it at that since I don’t need to go into ANY details.), but occasionally he likes to step back and draw something clean, and has within the last year dedicated more of his time to develop his own clean (by clean I mean pg-13 worthy comical mischief and violence being the only things you’d have to worry about thus far while having a setting that’s implied to be somewhat dark and complex) fictional story starting anthropomorphic characters. He tells me he plans on keeping it clean.

    That’s pretty much all I have to say about that. Anyways, I can’t say anything about the story you’re writing. I don’t find myself interested in fictional literature all that much. I’m more of a visual kind of guy, thus prone to getting distracted. Odd for someone who types up bodies of sentences like this more than 50% of the time; don’t you think?

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  5. Congratulations! I definitely support your writing more. You have a lot of talent and you should really share it as much as you can.

    If you want my suggestion–take it or leave it– you should publish the book on a new, separate blog. Lots of independent writers do this. You could give it a custom theme, publish your chapters and possible illustrations there and when you weren’t posting parts of the book, you could share stuff relevant to the plot– recommend other good stories related to the subject matter, post good anthropomorphic lion art, etc. That way you could have a single platform for your book and you could have a larger pool of readers– fans of this blog and fans of your book. You wouldn’t put anyone off by mixing two very distinctive content types. And of course, if someone came to one blog, they’d probably check out the other as well (you could let WDRTM’s readers know when you put new chapters out by linking the posts instead of publishing full chapters here). Plus you could share the blog link on non-creepy furry forums and build a solid fan group that way. See what I’m saying?

    But it’s your blog, your life and your decision. Whatever you choose to do, I’m really happy for you. Good luck and I can’t wait to read more of your work!


    1. I thought about that, but I’m afraid it won’t really get the traffic I’m looking for. I attribute a lot of my blog’s traffic for the fact that I discuss popular movies and use a lot of images, which come up frequently in internet search engines. I fear a blog simply about a story i’m writing will just disappear into the vast ocean of the internet.

      However, I have considered sharing this story on SFW furry sites (which do exist, cause I’ve checked) and if I get enough people interested there I might still do that. As for now however, look out for the story on this site,

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