Were on Earth is Dinosaur Guy? Update…

Sorry my beloved readers. I know I haven’t posted anything in a while and it is very likely it will still be some time before I do. I am currently neck deep in essays I have to write so updating my blog hasn’t exactly been my top priority. I know, I said that I would never let more than two weeks go by without an update, which is why I’m writing this when I should be writing a persuasive argument for English. Still, I wanted to let you guys know exactly were I was, so here I am.

Not only are the essays getting in the way of writing in this blog, but the blog post itself i’m trying to write is getting in the way. The post I’m currently working on is taking MUCH longer than I thought it would. I’ve already written over two thousand words for it, and I’m not even CLOSE to being done (who’da thought it would be such a daunting task to review EVERY SINGLE DINOSAUR TOY MADE FOR JURASSIC PARK).

I also realize I haven’t added a new chapter to Isla Sorna; Field Journal, which I promise I’ll do once the JP toy post is completed. Sorry for those who really enjoy that series, I’m to far down the rabbit hole to do that first.

In unrelated news, at least one of the essays I have to write I had complete leeway to talk about anything I want, so I chose the subject of feathered dinosaurs! I also have to make a PowerPoint presentation with it, which will give a much needed visual aspect to it. Wish me luck!

BTW, please give my Cryptozoology post some more love! I worked so freakin’ hard on that thing and it only has a dozen or so clicks. It took me fifteen minutes to write that search results post and that thing has hundreds of views!

Anyway, thanks for your patience and loyalty. And please excuse my paranoia for thinking I haven’t posted anything in forever when in reality it’s only been a week or so.


3 thoughts on “Were on Earth is Dinosaur Guy? Update…

  1. wow, sounds like you’ve got a lot of writing to do. At least some of it is about dinosaurs! I really liked your cryptozoology post, but after i finished reading it, you had already posted on two more topics, so I decided to comment on the most recent one. but when someone asks me whether or not I think dinosaurs still exist, i will defiantly direct them to that post. 🙂


  2. OMG Palaeoplushies!

    “Meso Cordilleran Highland Stygimoloch climb nearly 90 degree angles to lick salt deposits off of the mountainside. They crave that mineral.”


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