Search Terms That Bring You To Little Ole Me!

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Hey guys! I decided I wanted to do a little something different today. Inspired by fellow dinosaur blogger Raptor Dash and a myriad of other bloggers who have done the same, I’ve decided to show you guys the search terms that bring people to my blog, from the most common ones to the ones that make me say “what the frick humanity?”. I think this will be quite entertaining. Keep in mind that everything I tell you is 100% real.

First, let me give you the most common search terms I receive, and then I’ll dive into some of the weirder ones.

charles knight

This is probably the search term I get the most, and it has made my Charles R Knight art review one of my most viewed posts (it has the most likes out of any of my posts, yet doesn’t have any comments). When you search Charles Knight in Google Images, my website actually is one of the first to pop up, with this image specifically.

I have to thank this Uintatherium for a whole freakin’ lot of my site traffic. Thanks Uintatherium!


One of my earlier posts Dinosaurs Over The Years: Oviraptor has been getting consistent traffic because one of the images I use comes up as one of the first results in Google Images.


This one specifically.

Man, that is seriously one of the ugliest oviraptors I have ever seen. Is this seriously what brings you to my blog?

T rex with feathers

My post Dinosaurs Over The Years: Tyrannosaurus gets lot’s of love because of this search term, specifically because of this image in particular.

Wow, violent.

Well, it would seem that this image no longer redirects you to my website, but that confuses me because I still get variations of ‘t rex with feathers’ search terms. Well, it would seem people now come to my site because of this!

Dinosaur Martin Luther King!

Man, I need to use my characters again.

These images also seem to pop up a lot in online searches.

I guess people are just really concerned about feathered tyrannosaurs. I can’t imagine why.

Alright, so those are my most common search terms that bring a lot of traffic to the site. Now on to some of the….quirkier ones.

how could utahraptor eat?

Hmm, I don’t know. How could Utahraptor eat? I mean, it’s not like Utahraptor has sharp teeth and claws to help tear out chunks of flesh from i’s unwilling victims.

 How can a Utahraptor eat? THIS IS HOW &!#%$!!!

though not mentioned by name until the series fourth episode, what is the species of the most famous prehistoric pet ever?

I have no idea what the heck this is referring to.

aladar eyes

I’m assuming they’re looking for this.


Or perhaps this.

Well, here you go. If you’re into that sort of thing.

crazy looking dinosaurs

Decided to punch that into the Google search bar, and found out the image that redirects you to my site is this one.

Meh, I guess that qualifies.

jurassic park 3 what kind of dinosaur is ducky

Um, guy, I think you may be getting your movies mixed up there.

Unless Ducky really was in Jurassic Park 3.

Some of the worst things imaginable were done with the best intentions.

protoavis is multiple animals got their bones mixed together after death

Well sir, looks like you answered your own question. What the heck do you need Google for?

mace tail dinosaur artwork

Um, are you referring to this guy?

Glad I’m not the only one who thought his tail looked like Hawkman’s weapon of choice.

types of dinosaurs that are green with brown fin spike

I’m am sorry to inform you that science cannot currently answer that request.

dinosaurs plucked chickens

I mean, that is exactly what that looks like, right?

brontosaurus like but has a duckbill

stuff about sauropods


who wins smilodon vs mammoth

My money’s on the mammoth.

humpbacked, toothless, hairless cartoon man

did sauropods live in swamps

unhing snake

I believe he referring to a snakes ability to unhinge it’s jaws, which I know is a fetish and it being the Internet I am slightly scared.

how do each of these characters respond to seeing the dinosaurs for the first time? sattler, gennaro, grant, malcolm

Oh how I wish Google could be so specific.

land before time rule 34

Yep, every time I do a post about The Land Before Time I have to shift through images of things that cannot be spoken of among civilized people. It’s a heavy burden but I do it for you guys. I had no idea so many people were into dinosaurs.

Oh well, at least that’s as creepy as my search results get, which really isn’t that bad when you think about it. All right, I have time for one more.





maiasaura butt


24 thoughts on “Search Terms That Bring You To Little Ole Me!

  1. Dude, I originally found this blog while looking for a good picture of a feathered Tyrannosaurus! Good thing I did, because you write some awesome stuff! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i think i found this blog through a torosaurus
    it was not the nicest dinosaur i have ever met but hey
    something good came from it so i can’t complain
    except for the arseholl tyrannosaurus that has bin following me for a while

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Wait a minute. For the search term that you didn’t understand, could they be talking about the coelurosauravus from primeval? I know his name was Rex, but could the fourth episode be the episode in which his name became official?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. though not mentioned by name until the series fourth episode, what is the species of the most famous prehistoric pet ever?

    I get the feeling this is a Trivia Crack question or something. Geez, people even cheat on their phone games?

    did sauropods live in swamps

    Um, could you step aside for a moment, sir? There’s a paleobotanist and a building full of scientists from the last 30 years who would like a word with you.

    how do each of these characters respond to seeing the dinosaurs for the first time? sattler, gennaro, grant, malcolm

    Sattler: *ignores them to look at leaves*
    Gennaro: Ooh, we’re gonna be rich! *rubs hands together like a Scooby Doo villain*
    Grant: *falls down* THIS IS ALL I’VE EVER WANTED! *has a near-death experience*
    Malcolm: *has a brief moment of wonder before going back to stuttering at people about why dinosaurs shouldn’t be here*
    (I think this is a homework question that someone Googled, by the way. Some schools actually assign Jurassic Park as required reading and do whole units on it. I’m jealous.)

    Liked by 2 people

  5. brontosaurus like but has a duckbill
    That actually sounds like a pretty good description of a Rebbachisaur–a group of sauropods that had broad, hadrosaur-like mouths and hundreds of tiny teeth for cropping and grinding up plants.


      1. I searched it up with those exact words and guess what was one of the first results?

        “Search Terms That Bring You to Little Ole Me”


  6. That last search term you mentioned was so hilariously random that I couldn’t resist looking it up after reading this blog post… I actually didn’t find anything.
    I can’t remember what I searched when I originally found this blog, but I think I do remember that one of the first posts I read a review of one of the Jurassic Park films. Oh well, I could have been searching anything; from shrink wrapped dinosaurs to Operation Genesis (I purchased the PS2 version of the game sometime last year I think).


  7. I may have seen worse things during my time on the internet, but I’m no masochist so I’ll take your word for it and give up. Also my first guess for “the most famous prehistoric pet” was going to be Dino from the Flintstones, but looking at his first appearance in the show (the 1st episode), I guess that’s not the case.


  8. I found your blog when I was searching for something related to dinosaur accuracy in films and movie, and then I stumbled upon your review on dinosaur accuracy in The Land Before Time series. I am actually glad I stumbled upon your blog. Still, those last two search terms you mentioned… I don’t know what say about them. People can be really disgusting sometime.


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