LEGO Jurassic World Video Game Gameplay Trailer Review

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Well, the LEGO Jurassic World gameplay trailer has finally come out, and the first thing that comes to mind is this….

Why call it Jurassic World if the game is an adaptation of all four films? Heck, there is literally no Jurassic World footage in the trailer! Just call the game LEGO Jurassic Park!!

Anyway, it seems like this game is going to do a very good job at both recreating and subverting famous scenes from the original movies, which is something that the LEGO games are known for. Now, these games seem to have a split audience: those who love the games for their quirkiness a lighthearted nature, and those who dislike them for being simplistic, unpolished, and for each title featuring the same gameplay and mechanics. While I’ll admit that the repetitive gameplay is a major flaw for these games, I think the thing that brings people back again and again to this titles is the love and respect the game developers have for the franchise they are working on. Look at any LEGO title (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman/DC, Lord of the Rings, Marvel) and you can tell that the developers wholeheartedly care about the license. And from this trailer alone I can tell they will treat this title with the same care.

The trailer brings to mind many infamous scenes from the first film, including the movie’s opening with the raptor transportation, the iconic Tyrannosaurus scenes, the Gallimimus chase and the sick Triceratops. We even get hints of Jurassic Park 3 gameplay with the appearance of a Spinosaurus. However, the trailer is most memorable for the moments it plays with famous scenes from the film.

These scenes include a moment where a man is lowered into the raptor enclosure and escapes while losing his clothes in the process, and a play on the iconic ‘clever girl’ scene where the raptor shoves a banana down Muldoon’s gun before he can shoot (the scene is all the more hilarious because they use the actual line from the film and not a rerecording, making the whole situation feel all the more ludicrous). The final scene depicts the famous T. rex/jeep chase, but ends with Rexy not breaking through the fallen tree, but instead falling over it. I’ll have to admit, that gave me quite a goof laugh.

I should also point out that the majority of the dialogue seems to be ripped straight from the movies and not original lines from sound alike voice actors (similar to the Lord of the Rings LEGO game). I’m not sure as of yet whether I think this was a good decision.

We have no footage of the actual Jurassic World part of the game, as most of the scenes depicted here are from the first film. I’m sure more will be revealed as the months roll by. Until then I eagerly await seeing LEGO Chris Pratt in action and making Emmett jokes at the games expense.

Everything is awesome! Everything is cool in Jurassic World…

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