Jurassic World News: Seven New Dinosaurs!!!!!

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Quick Jurassic World update before I move on with my regularly scheduled posts, but this is something I had to talk about immediately. Recently, the Jurassic World website has released seven new profiles and images of dinosaurs that are exhibited in the park. I’m fairly sure most of these guys will be absent from the final film, but it makes me happy to finally see what these creatures look like in this universe. Now, without further delay, let’s take a look at them.

First up is Baryonyx.

Yes, those are feathers on the arms and head.

What can I say? I take what I can get.

I just want to go on record and say I absolutely love the color scheme, especially the vibrant blue around the dinosaur’s eyes. I think this is a truly beautiful representation of this amazing dinosaur, which is if you recall one of my personal favorites. Sadly, I don’t think this is a creature that we will see in the movie, but I’m glad we get to know what it actually looks like.

Next up we have Dimorphodon.

This image we have seen before in earlier leaked/released images, but it is still cool to get a closer look. My opinion on them still stands, as I still think they look a bit too skin wrapped and freaky looking. However, I do like the fact that they have added the fuzzy covering, as I feared that they would remain completely naked for the movie.

The Dimorphodon I believe will have a pretty substantial role in the film, but whether or not they actually kill anyone is still to be seen. We have seen a lot of merchandise of them already, from this very image being plastered on licensed products to their very own toy.

We have seen these guys in the trailer, and from what I can tell they look pretty accurate to the above image, and I am glad to see consistency within the marketing. I eagerly await to see this creatures role in the film.

Next up we have Edmontosaurus.

Once again, I applaud the coloration, which is well thought out and very original. I’m really glad they actually put effort in a lot of these images and didn’t just slap on a generic coloration, especially since many of these dinosaurs won’t make it into the actual film. I see so many hues present in the head alone, which could have easily just been a straight blue. Instead I also see greens, purples, and oranges swirling together in the scales in a way that looks very naturalistic. I also love the stripe patterns on the latter half of the body, which also look both unique yet very natural.

I’m also surprised by the dinosaur’s accuracy, as this is probably one of the better looking hadrosaurs I’ve seen to date. It has a very natural looking heftiness to it and surprisingly not at all shrink wrapped. It doesn’t sport a comb, however, but I can forgive that as that was a fairly recent discovery and not everyone agrees with it.

Or, perhaps only the males sported a comb while the females had had the traditional flat headed look, and since all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are female….

Head-canon accepted.

Alrighty then, next up is Metriacanthosaurus.

Needy Metriacanthosaurus’ needs have been fulfilled!

Ever since the name of this dinosaur was seen in the DNA storage all the way back in the first movie, I’ve pondered over what this dinosaur looked like in the JP world. And now, I have closure. You don’t know how happy this makes me.

As for the dinosaur itself, it looks very neat. However, it kind of just looks like a basic theropod dinosaur, and you could have put a number of other dinosaur names under it and I probably would have believed you.

Allosaurus, Megalosaurus, Yangchuanosaurus, Neovenator, Sinraptor….

See what I mean?

I do understand, though, as Metriacanthosaurus was probably a standard looking theropod (despite our limited knowledge of the creature). Still, I never thought of Jurassic Park/World doing anything ‘standard’. Usually, their dinosaurs are notable and strange in one way or another. Still, having another decent sized carnivore in your park certainly helps with ticket sales, no matter what the species was. And I am happy after all these years we know what this dinosaur looks like in Jurassic Park.

And I do believe Needy Metriacanthosaurus has just gotten a new makeover.

Now let’s take a look at something a bit smaller, namely Microceratus.

These adorable little creatures also have an incredible color scheme, which I am always glad to see. I really hope we get to see these critters in the movie, but my hope is fading that they will appear. I mean, look at them! They are just waiting to be marketed! Who wouldn’t want a little plush Microceratus? But the fact that I haven’t seen any toys of these guys yet makes me think these guys are going to be a no show.

Or maybe the toyline would rather focus on the big, scary looking ‘awesome’ dinosaurs instead. That sounds plausible.

I like how the website even mentions the fact that these guys were once called Microceratops but the name was already in use for an insect. At least they’re getting some of their science right.

However, you win some and you loose some.

I’ve seen this Pteranodon image before, and the close up look just reinforces my  fears. The body proportions are all messed up, the poor animal is skin wrapped to the point it looks like it’s starving, and there is nary a fuzz in sight. And although the image above may be toothless, the toy version isn’t.



Still, some of these images on the website aren’t exactly well proportioned or film accurate…


Not only does this Gallimimus look a bit wonky, IT HAS TEETH!!!

…so I won’t worry too much. However, the trailer still shows them doing things that just couldn’t be done.

As awesome as this is, it still makes me sad.

Finally, we end on another large carnivore, Suchomimus.

Now, some may wonder why Suchomimus is here despite it not looking that dissimilar from the already present Baryonyx. Well, I personally think it’s a reference to Jurassic Park 3, in the scene where Alan Grant and Billy are trying to identify the Spinosaurus. Billy first mentions Baryonyx and Suchomimus, but Grant knows that the creature that attacked them was a Spinosaurus. Billy says that Spinosaurus wasn’t on the list of creatures that Ingen cloned, and that insinuated that Suchomimus was on that list (Baryonyx was already confirmed to be on Isla Nublar in the first movie, with it’s name being seen in the DNA storage scene just like Metriacanthosaurus). Fans liked to play with this theory but there was nothing else to back it up, until now.

I would also like to mention that according to the size chart on the Jurassic World website Suchomimus is much larger than Baryonyx, and is only outmatched by T. rex and the I. rex in size on the island. Like I said, no matter what the species a large carnivorous dinosaur is sure to attract guests.

Still, I don’t think we will be seeing this guy in the movie proper, as an official toy wasn’t announced for it (and if this guy was in the movie, you know they would have made a toy of it!). Strangely, though, their is going to be a Spinosaurus toy for the film…

Oh come on Spino, let your cousins have the lime light for once!

Now, the only dinosaurs left to be revealed on the website are Velociraptor (which we’ve already seen in the trailers), Parasaurolophus, and Pachycephalosaurus. And I’ll be eagerly awaiting their appearance.

Well, that’s it for now. Back to my regularly scheduled mayhem.


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    1. Woah, that sounds pretty cool. Since it is a fictional creature, I wouldn’t worry too much about accuracy. It would be very hard to create wings out of a ceratopsian’s forlimbs. I think whatever you think looks best will be fine.

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