A Decision Has Been Made…

Thank you all so much for your input, I really value what you guys say. I wanted to respond to each one of you my answer, or make a single comment in the last update what my final verdict was, but I felt I would reach you guys much easier if I put it in another post. So, here we go…

The first new post you guys will be seeing is the second chapter of Isla Sorna: Field Journal this weekend. Afterwards, you will be getting a new Trope-osaurus (I’m glad you guys are liking that series) dealing with the subject of skin wrapping, and a segment of Saurian Speculation that deals with speculative dinosaur feathering. After that, a review of You Are Umasou.

After I review that film, I will continue with my normal schedule, which includes a Trope-osaurus about T-Rex vs Triceratops and a post about dinosaurs in cryptozoology and conspiracies, which was meant to be stand alone but may be turned into a Saurian Speculation. After that, I will just go along with my regularly scheduled plan.

Dinotopia will still be reviewed ASAP, however. I just need do do a bit more research until then. Once I feel I am ready, I will stop everything I am doing and review it. Don’t expect me to hold it off either, if a long time goes without a mention of it’s progress feel free to remind me. It’s still something I am eager to tackle, and is still on my top priority list.

Thank you all for your continued support and input.


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