Hey guys, thank you so much for continuing to follow my website and looking at everything I create here, and I just want to give you guys a few updates on the things that are coming up.


First off, for a number of circumstances, the Dinotopia review is being delayed. These reasons include college and work impeding on my writing, the fact that i would rather watch the series again before I review and am having a hard time finding it online (besides on websites that might give me viruses), not to mention the fact that I’m kind of dreading reviewing this thing.

I still want to tackle this bad boy, but you would have to be patient with me. If you guys want something more immediate, I could review something else in it’s place and then come back to it later. I have a couple of options.

1. I could do this review first but risk not having any content on this site for a while, and I hate this site being inactive for too long.

2. I could do some smaller reviews until I’m ready to tackle this one. I can do another Trope-osaurus, dealing with the over done trope of ‘shrink wrapping’ dinosaurs, or a new segment I’ve been wanting do do for a long time called ‘Saurian Speculation’, in which I tackle a speculative trope seen when reconstructing dinosaurs, such as the amount of feathering.

3. I do another movie review in it’s place, and continue along with my regular schedule until I feel like I can properly review Dinotopia. If I choose this route, I’ll be reviewing the obscure anime kid’s movie You Are Umasou.

Trust me, it’s really good.

I would like your feedback, I want to know what you would like. And if I don’t get any response, I’ll just do what I think is right. Even if I do decide to just review Dinotopia now, I don’t think my blog will be completely devoid of content until then. I still plan to add another chapter to Isla Sorna: Field Journal this weekend, and any Jurassic World news or spontaneous posts will probably still be common. So, just tell me what you will like better, and I’ll see what I can do.

Thank you so much for your continued support.


12 thoughts on “Update….

  1. The miniseries was separated into like 3 nights right? Why not separate the miniseries review in the same way? That way you can space them out over a couple of weeks or something. Love some more Tropesaurus.

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  2. Option 2 sounds good to me. I’d love to hear your perspective on shrink-wrapping.

    By the way, I’m sorry this took so long, but would you still like to do that interview? I finally have enough time to write up the questions and I can send it tonight.

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  3. About Dinotopia, there’s something that always bothered me about it. The books (not sure about the TV show since i never watched it) are set in the 19th century, yet the characters regularly encounter–and recognize– such dinosaurs as Giganotosaurus, Microraptor, and Deinochierus during their adventures, all of which were not named until over a century later. How does that even work?


    1. Acceptable break in logic. It would be a pain to give a unique name to every different dinosaur in the book, not to mention confusing to the audience. I once had a book idea involving a world where dinosaurs and humans coexisted and set out to give a unique name to every creature, but it was difficult and confusing. I don’t blame him.

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