Lego Jurassic Park Teaser Trailer

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Well, it would seem that the guys behind the LEGO Batman, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Marvel and LEGO Harry Potter video games are creating a new game based on not only Jurassic World, but the other three films of the franchise as well. To LEGO game fans, this is an awesome announcement, as a LEGO game title of this franchise has been wanted for a long time. Not only will their be adventures based on all four of the films, but it would seem you also get to play as DINOSAURS! How awesome is that!

Anyway, a teaser trailer has been released.

It doesn’t show any game play, but it already shows off that adorable sense of humor these games are known for. Color me excited. and although I don’t actually own any gaming consoles, expect me to be tuning into several Let’s Play’s of this game on Youtube.

This announcement may have come to a surprise to some, but not for those who stayed behind during the end credits of the last LEGO Batman game…

Oh, you sneaky little devils.

Pterosaurs are coming, I promise!


5 thoughts on “Lego Jurassic Park Teaser Trailer

    1. also tyrannosaur super hero/villain confirmed i guess that would make comics a little bit more interesting ( not to say comics are bad just i would like super dinosaurs or other extinct animals )


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