When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #51: Jurassic World Super Bowl Trailer

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Well, this was certainly interesting.

I was at a Super Bowl part when I saw this trailer, and the reaction from the other attendees was understandably mixed. Some thought it looked awesome, others thought it look pretty dumb. Of course, I was geeking out. But now that I have had a little bit of time to think about it, I’ll give you an honest review of what I thought of the trailer.

We begin on a familiar scene from the first trailer, except now we have some voice over. We are back at the mosasaur exhibit, and one of announcers claims that it is a bit ‘shy’. We, however, know better.

One thing I would like to point out is that this scene with the mosasaur is somewhat different than the one from the first trailer.

You can see the lighting is better, the splash of water that appears in the first trailer is almost completely gone, the stadium has been tweeked a bit, the monorail is much further back, the landscape ha changed, and the animation quality is overall much smoother and more appealing. As we know, trailers (especially the early ones) use unfinished CGI and scenes that will almost certainly be changed in the final product. This shows me that the CGI is continually being worked on, and even the effects we see in this trailer aren’t final. I only bring this up because SO MANY people are complaining about the CGI quality in these trailers when really they should wait for the final product. The effects are constantly being changed and improved, and I’m sure the final product will look great.

We then get a few scenes that we’ve already seen in the first trailer (the gallimimus flock and the river rafting with the apatosaurs and stegosaurs) but from here on out it’s basically all new footage.

First we see this lovely scene with stampeding dinosaurs.

Herds of Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Apatosaurus are obviously running from something. I don’t think it’s just a random encounter in the exhibit, I think this scene has some significance. I personally think they’re running from the I-Rex. This may be just before those two kids in the Gyrosphere get attacked (more on that later). One thing I do like about this scene is that it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of these dinosaurs in the film, which always excites me. It also looks like we’ll see a lot more of Triceratops than we ever did in the other films, which is a welcomed change. I would also like to comment on how adorable the Stegosaurus looks when he runs. It’s kind of like a fat kid trying to run laps in gym.

Pratt hands

The next scene has Owen (Chris Pratt) working with his raptor buddies. Now, I am one of the reserve few who thinks this idea can work but only if they do it correctly. If the raptors aren’t buddy buddy with him and behave more like trained animals than pet dogs I think it can work. I know the director has said that the relationship between Owen and the raptors is a rocky and dangerous one, and this scene seems to reinforce that. I’ll continue to keep my ‘cautiously optimistic’ hat on for this one.


We them meet the new dinosaur of the park, the Indominus Rex. I think his introduction here is a lot better than the one from the first trailer. We also get our first look at Irrfan Khan’s character Simon Masrani, the owner of Jurassic World. When Bryce Dallas Howard’s character asks if the new dinosaur will scare the children, he responds that this will give the parents nightmares.

Jurassic World Super Bowl Trailer Screenshots

And thus, the dinosaur does some nightmare inducing crap. Such as?

snatched up


The I-Rex, or as one internet reviewer has dubbed the ‘Oh$#!%osaurus’ (apt name), just grabs a worker with his claws like a fat guy grabs a hot dog. That poor, nameless, red shirt minority worker that the audience doesn’t care about but is still excited by the fact that the dinosaur killed someone but relieved it wasn’t the famous white star of the movie.

He will be missed.

I think this is a good place to give you some more information on this new dinosaur. Unlike initial reports, the I-Rex isn’t just a DNA hybrid of Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor. Many people have been wondering where the bony scales and hornlets on this dinosaur came from, since neither raptors or T-Rex had those features. According to the official Jurassic World website, it would seem that DNA is also present from Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops, and Giganotosaurus in this hybrid.







You know, that actually does make some sense and does clear things up. Thank you.

There are also some rumors that it may have some human DNA mixed up in there and that’s why it’s so intelligent and murderous, but this is just rumor as far as I can tell.

Chris Pratt successfully (as far as I can tell) escapes the monster by hiding under a truck, even though that really shouldn’t be much of an obstacle for the Rex.


He’s just toying with him.

There is a split second scene with a weak looking Apatosaurus lying on the ground.


I find this little scene to be intriguing, as it shows what I believe is the first animatronic dinosaur featured in these trailers. It looks really good, although it displays a common trope seen in sauropod reconstructions by giving them wrinkly elephantine skin when they really has pebbly scales. It still looks good though, and I hope to see more robotic dinosaurs in the future.


Chris Pratt mentions something about the dinosaur killing for sport, and we are treated to a few more scenes teasing the appearance of the creature. Then we get this.

Jurassic World Super Bowl Trailer Screenshots

Apparently, I. rex isn’t the only creature on the loose, as this flock of Pteranodon and Dimorphodon swoop down on an unsuspecting crowd. This is more of what I wanted to see. I don’t want the I-Rex being the only dinosaur causing damage, I want them all to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting populace. More dino carnage the better.

Then, this happens.


I’m not going to lie, when I first saw that, I squeaked a high pitched girly squee. Never have I had so many thoughts gracing my mental conscience at once. My first thought was ‘OMG that is awesome!” But then, in the very back of my head, my rational side was nagging me. It reminded me that the trope of pterosaurs grabbing people up with their feet like eagles is one of my most hate cliches, and one I constantly bash on this very blog. Despite than, my fan boy side of me trumped that and said ‘who freaking cares, it’s Jurassic Park and a Pteranodon just carried off a poor defenseless pedestrian’.

I feel so conflicted.

I would also like to mention that Dimorphodon make quick appearances in this little snipet. I would seem they are a bit more aggressive than I originally hoped for, but I guess that is what being in a Jurassic Park movie does to you.

We then get that scene with Owen riding with the raptors, and then our title. Before it ends, however, we get one more little moment with the kids in the Gyrosphere. One asks if they are safe in it, when the I-Rex attacks.

Yep, that face says it all.

So, what did I think of this trailer?

Well, much like the first one, this trailer has left me excited yet concerned.

I’m certainly still excited to see the movie, but the pessimist side of my brain is telling me this probably is going to suck. I don’t want to believe it, I shouldn’t believe it, but I’m just afraid of what this movie may be. I’m hoping for a decent flick, nothing incredible but entertaining nonetheless. I just don’t want anything eyerollingly bad in it.

I think I’ve set myself up for failure here.

Next time, pterodactyls and whatnot.


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