My List (It’s a big one)

You may or may not know this, but from the very beginning of me writing this blog (yes, all the way back in August of 2014) I’ve been abiding to a list of certain movies, TV shows, games, and so forth that I wanted to talk about. I’ve been doing them in the order of that list, crossing names out as I post each blog (I’m a bit OCD like that). I’ve been tempted to show you guys this list, but have decided against it until now. But now, I think it’s time you know. So here it is, the list of things I’m going to review if life doesn’t get in the way (this doesn’t include any dinosaur news that I wish to talk about when it hits, like new Jurassic World info or a cool new discovery).

The Magic School Bus Episode: The Busasaurus

The T. rex isn’t as friendly in the episode as this cover art denotes

The Flintstones Mini Review

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones! They’re you’re anachronistic Stone Age family…!

Trope-osaurus: Head Butting Dome Heads


Someone grab an aspirin.

Jurassic Park (Novel)

Where it all began.

Dinosaurs Over The Years: Ankylosaurs

Oh god…

I’m A Dinosaur Mini Review

This one will be fun, trust me.

Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular

You know, the guys who use their dinosaurs to prank people.

Trope-osaurus: Tail Swinging

Swing, batter batter, swing!

Top 10 Dinosaur Documentaries

Who will number 1? We’ll see.

Bill Nye The Science Guy Episode: Dinosaurs

Science rules.

Dinosaurs Over The Years: Pterosaurs

Yeah, I know that title’s an oxymoron.

Dino’s That Need More Love: Centrosaurus

New segment where I show off dinosaurs I think should be represented more in popular media.

Dinotopia (Mini Series)

Ahh, memories. Not good memories, but memories.

Trope-osaurus: T. rex vs Triceratops

Witness the never ending battle…

Dinosaur Cryptozoology and Conspiracies

My money’s on the hippo.

Jurassic Park Action Figures

Dinosaurs, very marketable.

10,000 BC Mini Review

Remember this movie? No? Well, it was terrible.

Dino’s That Need More Love: Ouranosaurus

One of my personal favorites.

Papo Dinosaur Figures

Everyone seems to love this guy.

Dink The Little Dinosaur Mini Review

*Cough* ripoff *Cough*

Dinotopia Books Mini Review


Chased By Dinosaurs

There is surprisingly little chasing in this series.

Dinosaurs Over The Years: Apatosaurus

The dinosaur formerly known as Brontosaurus.

Dino’s That Need More Love: Shunosaurus

You know, the sauropod with the freaking club tail!

PBS’ The Dinosaurs!

Oh yeah!

Trope-osaurus: Dinosaur Roars

Did dinosaurs really sound like that?

One Million Years BC Mini Review

Um, the dinosaurs are back there.

Jurassic Park (Telltale)

We’ll review everything Jurassic Park eventually.

Dinosaurs Vs Aliens (Comic) Mini Review

I’m not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens.

Dinosaurs in Marvel/DC Comics

Don’t get your hopes up.

Dinosaur Planet

Look! A Feathered Velociraptor!

The Valley Of Gwangi Mini Review

Harryhausen? But it’s impossible to get a reservation there.

Dino Dan Mini Review

Worlds most expensive kid’s show.

March of the Dinosaurs

Like Walking With Dinosaurs 3D, only good.

Dino’s That Need More Love: Gigantoraptor

Worlds biggest chicken.

Dinosaurs Over The Years: Ichthyosaurs

Sea monsters.

Jurassic: The Hunted

Terrible game.

Dino Crisis Mini Review

This game is a crisis! AMR? No?

Trope-osaurus: Run To The Water

I’m in the water. They can’t possibly catch me now!

When Dinosaurs Roamed America

Narrated by John Goodman. No joke.

IDW Jurassic Park Comics Mini Review

The best thing about these comics is the cover art. Everything else sucks.

TMNT Turtles In Time Mini Review

It’s actually much better than this cover implies.

Prehistoric Park

Like Jurassic Park, but with Time Travel.

Dino’s That Need More Love: Tsintaosaurus

I’ve had a bit of a makeover.

Trope-osaurus: Ornitholestes vs Bird

A dinosaur art tradition.

Dino Riders

Oh yeah, we’re going there.

Dinosaucers Mini Review

Yeah, we’re going there, too.

Dinosaurs Over The Years: Triceratops

Nothing beats the classics.

Dinosaur Revolution

I’ll be honest, I’ve been holding this one off.

Dinosaur King Mini Review

It’s Pokemon but with dinosaurs.

The Art of Zdenek Burian

He drew this.

The Dino King

Like Walking With Dinosaurs 3D, only worse.

The Land Of The Lost Mini Review

Maybe or maybe not we’ll talk about the Will Ferrell movie.

Jurassic Park (Weird Al song) Review

I recall the time they found those fossilized mosquitoes…

Terra Nova

It’s Avatar with dinosaurs.

That was where I ended the list at the time, but now I know of other things I want to review, including…

The Hunter: Primal

Oh my god, feathers!

The Stomping Land

Wait, is T. rex even in the game yet?

The Carnivores Game Series

Lot’s of games here.

Walking With Monsters

This one will be hard.


A show I’ve never actually seen.

Trope-osaurus: Velociraptor vs Protoceratops

Like T. rex vs Triceratops, only smaller.

Well, that’s myplan so far. I’ll only change it for Jurassic World news/reviews, as that takes precedent, or any other dinosaur news I would like to talk about. Tell me what you think. And don’t worry, that volcano Trope-osaurus is stillcoming. After that, this is what you should expect to see. Hopefully, I’ll still be writing these up to that point. So, what happens if I finish all these?

Either hope some new stuff comes out, or start scraping the bottom of the barrel.


28 thoughts on “My List (It’s a big one)

  1. I know a good book called TimeSpike by Eric Flint & Mercedes Lackay. It has a bunch of dinosaurs like stegosaurus, velociraptor, t-rex, Spanish conquistadors. Don’t worry, it makes sense.

    Maybe you can also post speculative pieces about dinosaurs. Talk about theories you and other people have that haven’t been proven, like feathered sauropods, feathered stegosaurs, feathered etc, Carnivorous ceratopsians, ceratopsians that mimic sounds like mockingbirds, lots of crazy theories. What REALLY killed the dinosaurs (Deccan traps are regaining traction recently)


    1. That sounds like an excellent idea. Perhaps I’ll call the segment “Saurian Speculations”.
      I couldn’t find too much info on TimeSpike, is it it’s own book or a part of a series.
      Speaking of cool looking dinosaur novels, a book that’s coming out later this year that i’m really excited for is Dinosaur Lords, which has been said to be basically Game of Thrones with dinosaurs. The cover art has been released.

      It looks incredible, and i hope to get a copy and review it here.


    1. Hmm, the Great Wroggi looks like a Baryonyx to me.
      I’m actually pretty nostalgic when it comes to the turtles, but I understand if people don’t like them. However, the comic I want to review with them features some of the best dinosaur reconstructions I’ve ever seen in popular media, with all the dinosaurs feathered or quilled (even the herbivores, and it even And yes, I’ve seen that trailer. I’m not sure if the movie is real, but if it is, I’m sure it’s going to be an existential experience.


      1. i can see why you liked the turtles but they have annoyed me for some reason my hole life.
        but that they put feathers on all of there dinosaurs is something i find something good.
        (ps i was actually ranting on the new turtles i’m young too have seen the old.)


  2. Would you mind doing a review of Robert Mash’s book How To Keep Dinosaurs? It was a spoof pet-owner’s manual that serves as a guide to keeping dinosaurs and pterosaurs as house pets, farm animals, zoo animals, etc. It’s iffy as far as accuracy goes (i.e. Velociraptor is shown with feathers but Deinonychus is not, and several species are classified in the wrong groups), but the funniest part is the often innuendo-filled meanings that it makes up for dinosaur names. For example, it says “Euoplocephalus” means “Well-tooled Point, in reference to its fertility.”


  3. I’ve read the book, and it’s interesting to say the least. I haven’t really thought about reviewing too many books, because the blog Love In The Time Of Chasmosaurs specializes in that, and I wanted to create my own thing (I haven’t come across a blog that specifically reviewed dinosaur media as it’s main focus). However, I’m not against ruling that out, and if I find something interesting enough, I’ll certainly review it (and that book is certainly interesting enough).


      1. Perhaps, if I can think of enough things to talk about. I like to review works that have a nice balance of accurate, inaccurate, cliche and absolutely weird, so that i have plenty to write on. There are only so many times I can repeat ‘this dinosaur should have feathers’ and ‘this dinosaur looked different’.


    1. Hmm, reminds me a lot of Parasaurolophus, while the larger green one reminds me of a Suchomimus. Maybe I should review this game series one day. I usually have a thing that I prefer to review things with actual dinosaurs and not creatures that are based on them (I almost wanted to do a review on Godzilla but didn’t for that reason) but I think these guys are interesting enough to look at. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about the game series (not that I think it’s bad or anything), so I’ll have to do a LOT of research if I want to properly review it.


      1. i can easily help you on that part by profiding monster intro’s

        and there is a lot gameplay from youtubers
        such as gamingbliss,bestinslot(he didn’t get too far in the lp) generalsecura
        and chronham (lp’s on freedom unite and tri ultimate)


      2. the intro’s are from monster hunter 4 ultimate which i’m highly hyped-up for


        great jaggi
        and last and possiblely least

        khezu (magical flying penis monster) or just ew


      3. i beated monster hunter tri ultimate and fought all of the monsters in that game more than once
        i can help if you want to know why i love/hate a monster called qurupeco here you go


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