Jurassic World: New Dinosaurs!

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OK, quick post. The next Trope-osaurus is still coming, but I thought this was something I needed to say. The Jurassic World website has just updated, and among other things, we have new dinosaurs!

Well, we knew these dinosaurs would appear, but they are still new images.

First off, we have our first look at the film’s Ankylosaurus.

Those of you who have read my blog before know I really hate the cliche of Ankylosaurs with nodosaur like side spikes, and it seems like that’s exactly the look they were going with. I would have also liked to have seen some continuity between the films and have them look like the ones from third movie.

Sigh, same side spikes.

But I’m not mad, it’s still awesome!

We also have a close up look at Stegosaurus.

It seems very similar to the trailer ones (I would hope so) and even has those same large scales just below the plates as the ones from the trailer.

Watch the trailer again in 1080p and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

We’ve also got Gallimimus, which looks pretty standard.

If not a tad bit off model.

And finally, we have Mosasaurus.

Hmm, looks like the spines are still present. Oh well, what are you going to do. It’s Jurassic Park.

They also added this new dinosaur size chart to the site, which is pretty cool, if not a bit puzzling.

I know the words are kind of hard to read here, but I think the images mostly speak for themselves. It’s kind of weird seeing the Baryonyx and Metriacanthosaurus looking smaller then the Velociraptor (even though that;s only what the images look like, the actual sizes written down tell a different story).

Well that’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted on anything else JP related (you know, if you haven’t gone on other websites first). Trope-osaurus is still coming. Until then, see yah.


8 thoughts on “Jurassic World: New Dinosaurs!

  1. maybe you could do a new blog series were you look at creature’s from games and movie’s
    and look what dinosaur or other extinct creature they are based of.
    for example monster hunter’s ludroth, jaggi, baggi, wroggi, aptonoth, rhenoplos, apceros, velociprey, slagtoth, genprey, gendrome, velocidrome, iodrome, great jaggi, giadrome, giaprey, ioprey, deviljho, diablos, monoblos, royal ludroth, epioth, barroth, jaggia, duramboros, great baggi, great wroggi, uragaan and basarios/gravios(gravios is a adult basarios)?


      1. just asking but do you actually play monster hunter if not i highly recommend it.
        due too monsters like the khezu which is magical flying p*nis monster
        yian kut ku (just look this one up it is funny looking.)
        and previously mentioned monsters for being fun too fight


    1. Never played it, but I am aware of it. But there are plenty of things I want to review that I haven’t actually seen/played/read. Still, I want to talk about them, so I’ll just do research on them (that can be tricky though). But like I said, I have a huge list of reviews I’m planning to do. I’m thinking about making a post of everything I plan to do and when I plan to do it, just to show people what to expect. But on the other hand, I like to keep people surprised too. What do you think?


      1. theHunter: Primal is a hunting/survival game that you can play now in early access. In this game the theropods actually have feathers.


  2. With the Ankylosaur spikes, it might seem reasonable, IF they were slightly feathered. The spikes would be like quills. I’m begging to hope that stegosaur plates just happened to be large feathers. The dinosaurs like stegosaurus and ankylosaurus might ‘puff’ themselves up to intimidate likely predators. The tail spikes and armor would be extra, in case the predator wasn’t intimidated.


    1. The Hunter Primal is also something I want to review, but it came out after I wrote my list so it might be a while. I’ve seen a lot of playthroughs of it (unfortunately my PC isn’t good for gaming) and I think it would be interesting to talk about. I also wanted to do The Stomping Lands, but they haven’t updated in so long and I want to talk about some of the dinosaurs they promised (which has released concept art) but haven’t added yet.
      Do you think I should just make a post of the list I have of the things I want to review? I have a giant list that I’ve been abiding to from day 1 and I think maybe it’s time I just show everyone what I have planned coming.


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