I’ve been doing some redecorating….

Now, I’ve been looking back at a lot of my older posts, and for some reason, a lot of the content on them won’t load properly. I don’t know if it’s because of my spotty internet, or because of the pictures I’ve posted, but I’ve done my best to fix it. While doing so, I’ve rearranged many of the older reviews so that they look more aesthetically pleasing, and have added many things to them I forgot to when I first wrote them. They look a lot better now, but if you continue to have problems loading up the media, please let me know. It’s probably on my end, but I just wanted to be sure.

For the past week, I’ve changed up some of my older posts, some of them I’ve made significant changes to. I’d advise you go again and look over them, as they are quite a bit better now. For that reason, I haven’t made an actual new post in a little bit, but I hope the updated older posts makes up for that. I still have many reviews planned, and my next one (once again about Jurassic World) will come out as soon as possible.

See you then, and I appreciate the feedback.

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