When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #30: Jurassic World Trailer

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Well guys, the day has finally come. The Jurassic World trailer has been officially released, and a couple of days early I must say. I had a feeling we would be seeing it before Thanksgiving evening, but I figured it would be leaked early and the studio would have no choice but to release. it. Now, I have no proof of this, but I think it was released a bit earlier because another…high profile…film is supposed to release its trailer a day after Thanksgiving…

You aren’t talking about little ole me, are yah?

Well, the trailer is above if you want to see it for yourself, but here is my scene by scene impression of the first trailer to Jurassic World.


We begin with two boys getting ready to embark on a trip (ah children, another Spielberg staple). Their mother encourages them saying they’ll have a wonderful time. But she ends by telling them that if anything chases them…run.

We get the Universal logo, as well as the Legendary logo (which is weird not seeing in front of Warner Brothers). We see a large boat full of people with the words ‘Isla Nublar’ written on the side. And up ahead of it is the island, right on cue. We then cut to one of the kids in what appears to be a monorail, cutting in front of several people to get a front seat view of what’s about to come: The Jurassic World gate.

Now, some have complained that the gates are now CG, while the gates in the original film were real, oh so gloriously real. And I agreed with them when I saw the gates in that little 20 second snippet we got on Sunday, but now I see why they did it. It wasn’t a gate that jeeps would be passing through, it was a gate for the monorail, and it’s probably huge! It would have been pretty impossible to build that, so thus it’s been CG’d.

We see that the park is full of people, a success on the size of Disney World, probably bigger than Disney world. Then we get some glimpses of what the tourists (and what we) came to see.


We see people in what looks like a safari jeep watching as a flock of Gallimimus runs by. Now this alone would be like a dream come true for me, but there is much more.

Remember on that brochure that said you can paddle down a river and observe prehistoric life? And I thought that meant only little stuff? I was dead wrong. You get to see sauropods and Stegosaurus’ and who knows what else (BTW, what’s keeping them from going into the water? Even if they aren’t dangerous, if a sauropod won’t move out of the river, wouldn’t it block the paddlers?)

We also get to see a gyrosphere thing, and the kids use it to roam among the Apatosaurs.

Now, some people have commented that they don’t really like the CGI, and that the dinosaurs in the original film looked more realistic. However, you might want to look back at the CGI in that film. In some scenes, it doesn’t really hold up.


Let me explain. Yes, the special effects in Jurassic Park are still awesome! But, when you really look at the CG, I mean REALLY look at it (especially the Brachiosaurus) you can tell it’s computer animation, and pretty dated computer animation at that.

So, then how does that awesome T. Rex scene hold up even to this day?

Mostly because they play clever movie tricks so that it looks as good as possible. For one, the whole scene was in the dark, which hides the CGI effect. Second, that scene also uses the animatronic for nearly 50 percent of the scene. All those tricks make the scene hold up so much even to this day. The problem these days is that films don’t utilize those tricks anymore, the CGI is out in the open and constantly in your face, so over the years we’ve been able to tell when something is real and when something is computer with greater ease. So special effects these days are starting to look worse and worse in our eyes.

Yes, I love practical effects too, and I hope we get to see plenty of them in the film. But I also have a deep respect for the CGI film community. Many people talk about CGI like it’s the easy, cheap route, and it is easier and cheaper than building sets and robots. But make no mistake, CGI is also very expensive, time-consuming, and takes just as many talented artists as any other part of the film. I’m not mad about the special effects, I’m glad for them. And don’t worry, Stan Winston’s Studio is still behind this film as well, so expect at least a few practical effect dinosaurs.

Anyway, let’s get on to the most awesome trailer shot in film history.

After another beautiful glimpse of the park, we get a random great white shark hanging from a wire. Moments later, a gigantic reptilian head with two rows of teeth jumps out of the water and swallows the shark in one bite! Around it is an entire arena looking at the creature Shamu style, laughing and applauding as they get splashed by the monster and their five hundred-dollar phones get wet.

This scene is the highlight of the trailer. Now, this scene was rumored quite a while ago, and it was one of the ones I hoped was true, and I’m glad they kept it. The Mosasaur looks awesome, yet it looks like they gave it some Knightian style back crest, which looks cool but isn’t really accurate. However, the creature is still the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t think of anything more awesome. It really shows just how massive this park is, and just how many different attractions it has. You know what this park is?


...plus this…

…plus this…

…plus this…

…equals this.

I don’t care what happens in this film. I WANT TO GO TO THIS PARK!!!!

However, after this moment, things start to get….interesting.

Bryce Dallas Howard’s character announces that Jurassic Park has created the first genetically created hybrid.

Um, did you forget?

Chris Pratt’s character Owen, who acts as a sort of game warden in the park, doesn’t think it’s a good idea to create a new dinosaur. It would seem he is correct, and soon the dinosaur escapes. I must say that I’m a little underwhelmed by the dialogue in this scene, as it sounds very cheesy to me. One of the things that takes me out of a movie more than anything is cheesy or unrealistic dialogue. And it’s one of the things that almost turned me off from this trailer. Oh well, hopefully it will sound better in the movie, but it does raise quite a few red flags for me.

We then cut to a bunch of fast edited clips, with a single note rendition of the original Jurassic Park theme on the piano is played in the background. It’s pretty soothing, but in an action movie trailer, you know soft soothing background music means nothing but danger and death. And then death rears it’s ugly head, or should I say, feet.

This is the first and only glimpse we get of this new creation, chasing after Pratt. It’s crazy, and really gives us a sense of the creatures power and ferocity. Voicing over the trailer is Chris Pratt, at first saying to evacuate the island. Then he begins to describe how intelligent and dangerous the creature is. We get some scenes of violence, chaos, and the cheery feeling we had in the beginning of the film is gone.

Finally, in the dark, we see a kid hiding from the monster, with the creatures shadow going over the kid’s face. We hear a low growling noise, and we get our logo.

But that’s not the end of it.

After the logo, we get a scene of some raptors running out of their pens. We see Chris Pratt on a motorcycle, and the raptors aren’t running after hi, they’re running with him!

This confirms one of the ideas circulating the film, in that Chris Pratt is studying the behavior of raptors and has managed to train some. I went back and forth on this idea with whether it is insanely dumb or the most awesome thing ever. After wrestling with it in my mind for a while, I decided I liked this.

It’s kind of a logical step, now that I think about it. We’ve established in this universe that raptors are incredibly intelligent, at least as intelligent as modern dogs. And if humans have raised creatures like wolves and hyenas into trained animals, why not raptors. Now, what matters is how they portray this part of the movie. If they show it realistically and respectfully it can certainly work (and perhaps be awesome), but if it comes off as cheesy or gimmicky it can ruin the whole movie. They’re walking a slippery slope with this, but I’m hopeful they can pull it off.

It would also be the first time the raptors aren’t playing an antagonistic role in the film. Although JP3 painted the raptors as more ‘misunderstood’ then villainous, they were still meant to be menacing, and they still killed plenty of people. But here, they might become legitimate heroes!

So, what did I think of this trailer? I liked it, but some parts do scare me a bit.

First the good. The park looks fantastic, the dinosaurs are as awesome as ever, and I’m really enjoying the world they’ve created here.

The bad: Some of the dialogue is unimpressive, the acting seems slightly wooden, and there seems to be some story choices here that can either make or break the movie. The genetic hybrid dinosaur can be awesome, but if it takes too much of the movie we might end up longing for the other dinosaurs. The trained raptors can also be cool, but only if it’s done right.

Am I excited for this movie? Heck yeah! But I’m cautiously optimistic. It’s the kind of trailer that gives me mixed signals. I hope it’s a good movie, but my gut is telling me that the movie will probably get at best a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. I know I’m sounding pessimistic, and I really want this too be good. I’m just the kind of guy who prepares for the dog bite but get’s relieved when it only pees on me.

That may not be the best analogy.

I guess I say I prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If it’s bad, I’m not bummed out, but if it’s good, it makes the experience that much better for me. I usually employ this ideology on films, but the last time I got myself too excited I was disappointed.

So let’s see where this takes us, and I’ll enjoy the ride until then. And you can bet my butt will be in that theater seat the moment this comes out and I’ll be eating my popcorn and sippin’ my soda with anticipation.

BTW, anyone notice a distinct lack of T. rex in this trailer?

How could this happen to meeee.....

How could this happen to meeee…..

Next time, join me as I do a full review of the original Land Before Time movie.

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