When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #27: Dinosaurs Sitcom Mini Review

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Today, I come to you to speak about a terrible injustice. Millions of individuals for more than a century have been subjected to hurtful stereotypes. These presumptions of how these individuals live have haunted them even to this day. These stereotypes are hurtful and cloud people’s judgement, keeping them from looking at how wonderful these beings are. But still, these ideologies persists, and I think it’s about time they stop.

I am here to bring an end to dinosaur racism.

For too long have dinosaurs only been seen as dumb, slow-moving, tail dragging lizards who only hunt and kill. People have the misconception that these wonderful creatures were dull, dumb, and ugly. The stereotype of dinosaurs as primordial monsters still persists to this day, and this image is not helped with the popularity of dinosaur media.

Sure, some movies and television shows at least try; they’ll make them move a bit faster or even add some feathery quills on top of their heads. But the old ‘fossil lizard’ view of these creatures has remained even to modern times, and no show has been so offensive in this area as the one I bring before you today.

I know, these images are shocking to behold, but this is what Homo sapiens thought of Dinosauria even as late as the 90’s, when a scientific dinosaur revolution was taking place. These images are from the television sitcom simply titled Dinosaurs.

This show follows the life of an ordinary family of dinosaurs, or at least what humans perceive as an ordinary family of dinosaurs. The family exhibits many horrifically racist stereotypes towards dinosaurs; they all resemble scaly lizards more than any actual species, they walk upright with their tails dragging on the ground, they are slow, dim-witted, and voracious carnivores. The series also perpetuates that all dinosaurs were the same, and they all lived at the same time.

They live in a cave home in a steamy hot jungle environment filled with volcanoes and threats of meteor showers. Their world is basically the world of the Flintstones except the dinosaurs are on top instead of the cavemen.

The series neglects to show the variety of habitats dinosaurs inhabited, especially in the end of the Cretaceous. Not all dinosaurs lived in warm climates, and they weren’t in danger of volcanoes and comets any more than humans are today (you know, until the actual end).

The father in the family circle, Earl Sinclair (Sinclair, get it? HAHAHAHAHA!! Not funny.) He’s supposed to be a Megalosaurus.

See the resemblance? No. Of course you don’t.

He exhibits many negative stereotypes; he’s slow, dumb, boorish, and otherwise unpleasant. His wife may not be as offensive, but she still resembles a mix match of dinosaur tropes more than the actual species she’s supposed to represent, an Allosaurus.

The children are even worse. The daughter looks like a Protoceratops, even though her parents are both theropods (just another example of TV producers mixing together what they think are the best dinosaur traits even when they make absolutely no sense).

And the son, I don’t even know what to think of the son. He looks like an anthro iguana!

And all of them walk around like Godzilla, dragging their tails and what not. Ughh, rule of thumb guys:


Oh, and how cute it is to see them eat their talking frogs and mammals, and claiming how all the best dinosaurs were voracious meat eaters. Not all dinosaurs ate meat, you know. most dinosaurs ate plants, and even many of the carnivores had more specialized diets. It’s so offensive how they think all dinosaurs like to eat the same things.

This show is just downright offensive. It reminds us of how hollywood looks at dinosaurs, and the very notion that thew think this will appeal to dinosaur lovers is sickening. It’s wrong, it’s horrific in every way. This series shows everything wrong with society today.

This is dinosaur black face.

This is Dino Face.

If there was a Dinosaur Martin Luthor King, this is the kind of thing he would be fighting against.

I had a dream, , that all dinosaurs would be feathered equally, and that no theropod shall have to drag it's tail upon the ground, or live in fear of a caveman's spear.

I had a dream, that all dinosaurs would be feathered equally, and that no theropod shall have to drag it’s tail upon the ground, or live in fear of a caveman’s spear.

That is it! Good day!







Well, kind of.

There is a lot of truth to what I said, but don’t worry, I’m not some crazy dinosaur rights extremist.


On the other hand, it would seem I have a new recurring character.

Truth be told, I love this show. I know many people say it’s just a Simpsons rip off, and yes, this show owes it’s very existence on those yellow peeps.

And they knew it too.

I just think this show has an incredible amount of charm to it, the same charm that comes with any Jim Henson production. Not to mention the show’s amazing production values. But a scientific endeavour it isn’t.

Then again, it isn’t that kind of show.

I couldn’t really do a full review of this show because of that fact. It’s not trying to portray dinosaurs, it’s trying to portray characters. And in that regard, it succeeds.

Join me next time as I take a look at Jurassic Park.

But DG, you already reviewed Jurassic Park. I was there. It was the first thing you did.

But DG, you already reviewed Jurassic Park. I was there. It was the first thing you did.

No, I only looked at the dinosaurs that time.

This time, I’m reviewing the actual movie!

See yah next time.


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