When Dinosaurs Ruled The Mind #11: My Top 20 Favorite Dinosaurs

So, a philosophical dromaeosaur and a washed up paleontologist inquired me what my favorite dinosaur was. Do I feel obliged to tell them?

Heck yeah!

But I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. Heck, I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10. So here you go: My Top 20 Favorite Dinosaurs!



This should be interesting.

This should be interesting.

So, let’s not wait around any longer. Let’s dive right in.

20. Parasaurolophus


This hadrosaur has one of the most distinctive profiles of any dinosaur. Most people would recognize it when they see it, however, not as many people actually know what its’ called (most people just refer to it as duckbill). I can’t really think of too many reasons why I love this guy other than the fact that I think it looks really cool and was one of my favorites as a kid. It really is a classic dinosaur, and you just can’t beat the classics.

19. Argentinosaurus


OK, I’m just going to go out and say it. Sauropods are the best dinosaurs. They just so perfectly embody everything wonderful and mystical about the Age of Dinosaurs. So that means I couldn’t go without giving the largest sauropod a shout out.

OK, so Argentinosaurus isn’t considered the largest sauropod anymore, but it’s still a remarkable creature. I just imagine myself traveling to Cretaceous South America and watching a herd of these behemoths walk by. I really can’t imagine the feeling!

18. Iguanodon

Another classic choice. Iguanodon is another one of those quintessential dinosaurs, and is also one of the first ones discovered. My next Dinosaurs Over the Years post will be about this guy (although it’s a few projects ahead from now), and I’ll touch more on him at that time.

17. Amargasaurus

I think the reason I like this guy is because he’s so different from any other sauropod. I remember when I was five and I looked in a book and saw an illustration of this dino for the first time. It literally blew my mind! Remember, at that age my dinosaur list was limited to the ones seen in Jurassic Park, The Land Before Time, and dinosaur books from the 80’s.

16. Ouranosaurus


I’m not sure why I really like this dinosaur. I think it’s because I find it visually striking, with no other iguanodont or hadrosaur that looks quite like it. Although I prefer the sail restoration for this guy, I will admit I’m getting used to the hump backed version.

15. Baryonyx


Baryonyx was definitely a cool looking dinosaur, and it’s a shame I haven’t been able to talk about him yet on this blog. With the head of a crocodile and giant claws on it’s hands, this dinosaur was definitely a surprise when it was discovered in the 80’s. Although recently it has been overshadowed by it’s bigger cousin Spinosaurus, it’s still a cool and distinct creature all it’s own.

14. Stegosaurus


Another classic. Stegosaurus is one of the most iconic dinosaurs ever to live, despite it being kind of a freak compared to other stegosaurs. It really is another childhood favorite, and really, we all loved this dinosaur as a kid.

13. Apatosaurus


Apatosaurus, the most famous dinosaur of them all. However, most people know him better under his pen name Brontosaurus. But sadly, Brontosaurus just isn’t a name scientist recognize anymore. Oh well. Despite all that, it’s still a marvelous creature and a definitive name in Dinosauria.

12. Ankylosaurus


You know what I love more than Ankylosaurus? An accurately portrayed Ankylosaurus. But sadly, such restorations are few and far between. Heck, it was a pain in the neck looking for a good picture for this list! But, something about Ankylosaurus, even the inaccurate ones, puts a smile on my face.

11. Triceratops


Another dinosaur everyone loves! And who can blame them. The horns, the crest, the rhinoceros-like look, the fact it lived with T. rex and may have fought back! There is just so much allure to this dinosaur, and it’s been attracting people for more than a century.

10. Spinosaurus


This dinosaur is now the favorite of many thanks to Jurassic Park 3. Despite all the arguments of it’s lifestyle and what it ate and how it hunted, in the end we just have to remember this: Spinosaurus is a 50 ft carnivore. Who cares if it only ate fish. That’s still awesome!

9. Styracosaurus

Now why do I like this dinosaur? Because it’s basically a Triceratops, but spikier. It really is a distinct looking dinosaur, and a fairly popular one at that. Let’s keep it that way.

8. Carnotaurus

This frog faced, devil horned, spiked backed, tiny armed carnivore is certainly strange looking, but that’s really part of it’s charm. I’m glad to see this dinosaur gain popularity, as it really is a cool animal. Even it’s name is awesome, it means ‘meat eating bull’.



If there is any dinosaur that’s going to take a prize for being absolutely weird looking, Therizinosaurus would be a major contender. Long neck, feathers, stout upright body, with crazy long front claws. It’s like the giant ground sloth of the Cretaceous. And I love it every time I see this wonderful freak.

6. Tyrannosaurus


T. REX! The king! The most famous dinosaur around! So, why is it not number 1? Maybe it’s because I’m kind of a hipster when it comes to dinosaurs.


No, but seriously, Tyrannosaurus is an awesome dinosaur, and deserves all the respect it gets. I just happen to like the next five just a little bit more.

5. Stygimoloch/Pachycephalosaurus


I really love this dinosaur. I really do. Only problem is that it doesn’t exist. Well, it does exist, it’s just not it’s own genus, it’s a juvenile form of Pachycephalosaurus. In my head, this spot on my list belongs to Stygimoloch, but I know that it really must belong to Pachy. How does he look?

Meh, he’s alright.

It’s still not the same, though.

4. Allosaurus


Ok, I’m gonna admit something, I think Allosaurus was probably a better predator than T. rex (please don’t kill me). Allo was probably faster, and was able to use it’s hand claws in combat. Does that make it better than Rex? No, of course not, I love both. In reality, they probably had different hunting styles, so there wouldn’t be any reason to compare. But still, Allosaurus is one of my favorites.

3. Deinonychus


The quintessential raptor, you know, if Velociraptor didn’t decide to hog the mantle. Still an incredibly awesome dinosaur, even with all the feathers. You know what, I take that back: especially with all the feathers.

2. Ceratosaurus


I think the reason I like Ceratosaurus so much is just because he looks cool. With the horns, the spines running down it’s back, it’s like a dinosaurian dragon. Plus it was small and swift, making him a formitable hunter.

1. Brachiosaurus/Giraffatitan


I had to be honest with myself. Yes, my favorite dinosaur is Brachiosaurus, but in reality, my favorite dinosaur is the common misrepresentation of Brachiosaurus. The true dinosaur that deserves my love is Giraffatitan, the African Brachiosaur. Sure, the name isn’t as catchy, but in the end, it’s still cool. It means ‘giant giraffe’, and I say it fits.

Alright, those are my top 20 favorite dinosaurs. Now, why exactly did you want to know this…




Here's Johnny!

Here’s Johnny!

Time Traveling Cynodont? What are you doing here?

I'm here to send you a message. This note comes from Alan Grant and Philosoraptor.

I’m here to send you a message. This note comes from Alan Grant and Philosoraptor.

Ok, let’s see what this is about.

Dear Dinosaur Guy…

Thanks for giving of your time making this great list. Without that distraction we would have never gotten this far with our plans. We’ll let you know eventually what’s going on, but now is not the time. You’ll find out soon enough….

Dr. Alan Grant and Philosoraptor 

Alright, that sounds peachy.


Join me next time as I review the work of a particular paleo-artist, who’s are is, well, interesting to say the least. We will review the art of Luis. V. Rey.

He drew this.


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